‘Wheel of Fortune’: You’ll Never Guess How Many Dresses Vanna White Has Worn Over the Years

by Megan Molseed

For 40 years now, Vanna White has been a core part of the iconic crossword-style game show, Wheel of Fortune, alongside the gameshow’s longtime host, Pat Sajak. And, as the famous cohost is one of the most stylish game show legends on TV, it’s hard to imagine the number of stunning dresses White has worn over the years.

How Many Dresses Has Vanna White Worn During 40 Years Of Wheel Of Fortune?

During the show’s four decades on the air, the dresses worn by Wheel Of Fortune star Vanna White have become a fan-favorite topic. Fans of the popular game show are even invited to log onto the Wheel Of Fortune website to vote on the favorite dress worn by White during the previous week.

There is also a Pinterest page created by Wheel Of Fortune highlighting some of the famous letter turner’s best looks over the years. According to the show’s website, the star has donned over 7,000 dresses over the years. However, the star doesn’t get to take all of these stunning gowns home.

Vanna White Discusses The Weekly Wardrobe Process

During a discussion with Wheel Of Fortune’s social correspondent, Maggie Sajak, Vanna White discusses her glamourous on-stage wardrobe through the years. Describing the process, she and the showrunners go through when deciding on each week’s lineup of gowns.

“Before tape day we have a wardrobe fitting where I try on probably 50 dresses,” Vanna White tells Maggie Sajak.

“And then the day of we’ll see what the theme is,” the Wheel Of Fortune star adds. However, once these gorgeous gowns make it onto the air, they go back to the original designers, White explains.

“I don’t get to keep them, unfortunately,” White quips.

“Designers let me borrow them,” she relates. “And then they take them back.”

Vanna Has Only Had One Wardrobe Repeat In The Last 40 Years

Over the years, fans have watched Vanna White debut gown, after gown on the iconic game show. However, there was one time that the famous game show cohost repeated a look, wearing the same dress twice on stage.

It was a simple mistake, the star tells TV Insider. However, it was a wardrobe blunder that left the letter-turner feeling “so distraught.”

“I don’t know how it got lost in the shuffle,” Vanna White explains of the wardrobe flub.

“Because we take a picture of every dress,” the star adds. White also notes that the crew has a list of everything” she has worn on stage.

“I don’t know if the description was different than the other description, but it was the exact same dress,” White recalls. Noting that it was an observant fan who “was watching very closely” to pick up on the mistake.