‘Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White Explains Bond With Longtime Co-Host Pat Sajak

by Joe Rutland
(Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images)

For anyone who has ever watched Wheel of Fortune, it’s pretty clear that Vanna White and Pat Sajak have some type of bond between them. It’s not romantic but there is something there. White and Sajak have been on TV screens all over the United States for four-plus decades. As it is, Pat and Vanna have become like good friends to people who invite them into their homes. It’s truly amazing to see how this duo has continued to bring the game show to life. What is the mystery or non-mystery between these two co-hosts? White offers up some thoughts on the situation.

“He is so funny. He really is. We see each other every couple of weeks for a couple of days. It’s perfect,” White, 65, says of Sajak, 76, to PEOPLE. “Then we don’t see each other and then, we come back to work. And he is always making me laugh.” Maybe laughter is a key ingredient to how these two keep working together. They’ve been around, like we said, for a good period of time. White has some thoughts on how the game and series creator viewed them as a team.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Co-Host Vanna White Focuses On Type of Relationship She Has With Pat Sajak

“I think when [series creator] Merv Griffin chose both of us, 40 and 41 years ago, he saw something between us — a brother/sister-type relationship,” White said while talking with the outlet to promote a recent event at Joann Fabrics and Crafts celebrating her anniversary with Lion Brand Yarn. “I think that is kind of what it is,” White said. “He saw that we would be able to get along, I think. And we do. We are like a brother and sister team.”

While they are a team, sometimes teams have friction that crops up. Maybe one member is not feeling it on a specific day. Maybe there’s something going on at the home front. It can be a litany of things that produces trouble and heartache. For White, she has an inkling about how things can go down between her and Sajak at times. “It’s so funny. I can tell sometimes — and he can tell with me, without saying a word, ‘Oh, she’s in a bad mood. Oh, he’s in a bad mood. Don’t say anything to him now, just let him do his thing,'” she shares. “We speak each other’s language.”

Because they do speak one another’s language, as White alludes to, they can be in sync. That’s an important element for any team to have chemistry, too. In the world of sports, a team in sync will perform at a much higher rate. When watching Wheel of Fortune, viewers can tell when the co-hosts are in sync.