‘Wicked Tuna’ Previews the ‘Return of Captain Dave’ in Tonight’s New Episode

by Joe Rutland

All of you Wicked Tuna fans who may have been waiting for Dave Marciano’s return to the show can now exhale because he’s here. Well, he’s not “here” as in wherever you are reading this. But on Sunday night, we get to see Marciano rejoin his Hard Merchandise crew.

Captain Dave took some time off for some rest and relaxation. Being out there on the fishing boat and trying to get bluefin tuna is a tough gig. Over the years, viewers have seen him work hard while on the water. Marciano let his crew handle things for a bit. Thankfully, he does return to the National Geographic show. Let’s take a quick peek at what’s going to be appearing on Sunday night’s new episode.

Dave Marciano of ‘Wicked Tuna’ Keeps His Eye on the Quality of His Catches

Yes, Hard Merchandise has been a part of Wicked Tuna for a number of years. Marciano knows the ins and outs of fishing for tuna, too. Watching him work is something a viewer will watch over and over again. Plus, the good captain is quite serious about making sure the quality of his catches is solid. How does he make this all work? “We often check our own fish so we know what we are bringing the buyer. Keeps ’em honest,” Marciano writes on Twitter. 

Don’t think for a minute that this cat is not serious about his work. Oh, Marciano cares deeply about it all. He says that tuna fishing takes “more passion than guts.” What does he mean by this? “People say it’s hard because you fish all winter, and it’s cold and rough and windy, but the bottom line is that I love my job,” Marciano said in an interview. “In this day and age, I do wish I made a lot more money because I do have kids and I’d like to spoil them. But somehow we always seem to have what we need. This day and age, if you can make a living and enjoy your job, life isn’t all that bad.”

That’s a pretty cool outlook to have about work and life right there. With the good times going on, it would seem silly to think about the Wicked Tuna captain quitting fishing. But there have been moments when he’s thought about giving up. He says there have been at least “half a dozen times” he’s had that thought. “I could get by on a lot less but when it comes to the wife and kids having to go without as a father, that makes you seriously reconsider what you’re doing with your life,” Marciano said.