‘Wicked Tuna’: Watch the Pinwheel Crew Face Off Against This Seriously ‘Feisty Fish’

by Joe Rutland

You know that dealing with bluefin tuna is a tough job on Wicked Tuna but the crew of the Pinwheel was quite busy for this catch. As you can tell from the clip below, it was kind of an all-hands-on-deck situation. Merm, also known as First Mate Marissa McLaughlin, was busy with this fish. It takes some help from Captain Tyler McLaughlin to bring this bad boy onto the boat. They were one happy crew after this sweet catch. Let’s take a look and see how everything happened right here.

“Oh no,” Tyler says when looking down into the water. “We can’t let the line hit the boat, or it’s gonna snap.” That’s a problem and he takes over the line from Mermie. She does let him know that they are clear at one point. “He made a big circle, went underneath the boat,” he said. “So, what’s gonna happen-we can’t drive. It’s crazy.” Meanwhile, viewers can see him cranking on the reel.

Big Bluefin Tuna Takes ‘Wicked Tuna’ Crew Into Two-Hour Battle

“Alright Tyler,” she says on Wicked Tuna. “It’s coming up now.” He says they are going on the second hour dealing with this catch. “It’s perfect,” he says. “That’s, like, right in that threshold when we want to be fighting him, you know? Hour and a half, two hours. You don’t smoke ’em up. You don’t burn the course.” Tyler then calls out for Merm to use the collar. He then says the fish is big and 20 feet away. “Coming around, coming up,” she says.

Tyler then tells everyone on the Pinwheel to get ready. Merm says he’s there and Tyler catches the fish. “Look at this monster, oh my God!” she says while reeling the fish up to the boat. Tyler then calls it a butterball. He then asks her to get him a tail gaff. While pulling the fish up to the boat, Tyler exclaims that the Pinwheel crew is heading in.

The captain of the boat here has made news in the past. He wasn’t fighting with a fish but with a co-star. Say what? Yes, Tyler McLaughlin got into a fight when a couple of captains came to blows. Ralph Wilkins was on there one time as captain of The Odysea. Apparently, McLaughlin’s brash, cocky attitude didn’t go over well with the older captain. He actually thought it would be a good idea to toss water bombs toward the other captains on Wicked Tuna. Wilkins wasn’t buying the good-natured fun. Once back on land, Wilkins goes up to McLaughlin and said, “I’m not into your bulls—. I don’t like you ’cause you’re a f**king idiot!”