‘Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano Approves of ‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler’s Fishing Skills

by Caitlin Berard

Summer’s here and temperatures are continuing to rise. And in true Henry Winkler fashion, the Happy Days star has increased the amount of time he spends on the river rather than complaining (although he does throw in a joke about the blistering heat now and then).

Since the start of July, Winkler has posted more than a dozen images of himself relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air while enjoying one of his favorite pastimes – fishing.

Now, anyone who’s familiar with the Happy Days star knows that these aren’t just any fishing pictures. No, no one but Henry Winkler could make holding a fish look quite so heartwarming. The majority of the images feature Winkler beaming with joy as he presents his newest catch to the camera. They also carry captions like “I’m so happy” and “the end of a perfect day”.

Besides the uplifting quality of the pictures, the fish he catches are pretty impressive! So impressive, in fact, that they caught the eye of none other than Wicked Tuna star Dave Marciano. In a retweet of one of Winkler’s pictures, the legendary Captain simply added “Awesome” with a handful of emojis.

‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Details His Love for Fishing

Though this summer’s collection of fish pictures is just beginning, Happy Days star Henry Winkler has held a love of fishing for decades. When he was young, Winkler didn’t even consider fishing as a potential hobby because he assumed he wouldn’t be able to do it. Then, to his surprise, all it took was picking up a fishing rod once and he was hooked.

In a 2019 interview with InsideHook, Henry Winkler recalled his first time fishing with a colleague in the early ’90s. “The place that we were in, the sound of where we were, the beauty of where we were — all of that was astounding to me,” he said, comparing fishing to a “washing machine for your brain.”

“It is the greatest metaphor for life,” Winkler continued. “You have got to take a risk and try and get your fly in the most inaccessible water. You have to take a risk of losing the fly if you want to get something on it. You have got to be very patient, and once you get the fish on, you have to stay calm.”

Henry Winkler adores trout fishing so much that he considers the fish his friends rather than his prey. And when he goes to a restaurant for dinner, he flat out refuses to order it. “I absolutely don’t order trout in a restaurant, and I have never taken one out of the river,” Winkler explained. “They are beautiful, and I think they are majestic, and they are there next year when I want to go again and spend time with old friends.”