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Ty Pennington Opens Up  About ‘Trading Space’ Being ‘The OG’ of Home Renovation Shows

by Samantha Whidden
Ty Pennington
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for SCAD)

More than 22 years after Trading Spaces first premiered, Ty Pennington opens up about “the OG” host of home renovation shows. 

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During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Pennington spoke about the popularity he has gained over the years. “It’s funny – when I meet new people on HGTV, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, you’re the OG,” the Trading Spaces star stated. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, how did I become the OG? How did I become the oldest guy doing this?’” 

Ty Pennington also said that he didn’t predict he would have this much success on a home renovation. “But if I had, I would have bought in stock in Home Depot immediately,” he joked. The host then said that it was crazy that Trading Space created a genre with entire TV networks dedicated to home improvements. 

“It was the first show to put actual tools in the hands of homeowners,” Pennington explained. “Whether they can do it or not, it proved that they could come close. It sent everybody to a home improvement store, saying, ‘Let’s do it ourselves,’ and that started the entire DIY craze.”

Ty Pennington Talks Hosting ‘Rock the Block’ Series

While speaking peaking about hosting Rock the Block, Ty Pennington described the show as a “lighter lift” for him. “Compared to what the competitors have to go through, being a host is the dream job. I get to have the fun and call out what the challenges are.”

Pennington then gave an optimistic opinion about remodeling. “There’s something in every single space that you’re like, ‘That was a great thought,’” he explained. “I’m an artist so I’m always looking to be surprised design-wise. ‘How are you going to do something I’ve never seen?’ This season, you get that in a big way.”

Ty Pennington, who is also a mentor/designer on HGTV’s Battle on the Beach also stated he’s a very competitive person. “I also am one of those people who’s a control freak,” Ty admitted. “I like to do work. Whatever the project is, I like to be involved. So I like it all. Look, I’ve done just about everything there is to do – except brain surgery – so I’m cool with whatever job they throw my way.” 

Meanwhile, Pennington shared that since being married to Kelly Merrell, his approach to renovating has changed a bit. “Let’s face it, you definitely have a different approach about everything when you’re married,” he went on to share. “It’s because it’s no longer just your decision.”

Ty then added that his success couldn’t have been achieved without those who helped him on the way. “I’ve been really lucky that I’ve worked with some great people over the years. When I left Trading Spaces, I was so tired of just being the carpenter. I wanted to spread my wings and show that I was also a designer and creative. Then I showed that off in spades.”