Valerie Bertinelli Shares Heartfelt Tribute for Betty White

by Matthew Memrick

Valerie Bertinelli joined the ranks of heartfelt social media tributes by posting one of her own with the late actress Betty White on Friday.

Bertinelli, who’s mom to Wolf Van Halen, took to her Instagram account (wolfiesmom) and paid tribute to her former co-star. For six seasons, the two worked together on TV Land’s “Hot In Cleveland.”

“Rest In Peace, sweet Betty,” the 61-year-old Bertinelli posted about the actress. “My God, how bright heaven must be right now.

Fans backed that sentiment. Twitter fan Michael Joshua added he was “so so sad” and that “the world lost a star today.” Another Twitter said that “we lost a national treasure” with White’s death.

A couple of Twitter fans said they first thought of Bertinelli when news broke of Betty White’s death.

Twitter user SimplyJustE said, “Wasn’t that wild? I’m seeing tweets, and all of a sudden, I said to my daughter, “Oh, no. Valerie!”

‘Hot In Cleveland’ Duo Worked Well Together

When the two women’s show premiered in 2010, it caught on like a wildfire, becoming the 14-year-old network’s highest-rated telecast. 

Bertinelli played Melanie, a divorcee, in the show. She joined up with former “Fraiser” star Jane Leeves and former “Dream On” star Wendi Malick played three aging entertainment veterans from Los Angeles. 

In Cleveland, Ohio, the fictional trio where they leased a house from brassy caretaker Elka, played by Betty White. The character lived in the guest house. Over those six seasons, lots of stars took part in the show.

Betty White, Giggles Had Big Impact On Bertinelli 

Bertinelli recently talked about White, weeks away from her 100th birthday. In a People interview, the actress said White taught her some important lessons about gratitude. 

The former wife of the late rocker Eddie Van Halen said White “just oozes gratitude, and she glows.” Bertinelli said she had never “met another human being that glows” like White. She called the actress “not of this world” and related that the world was “blessed to have her here.”

The “Hot In Cleveland” star added that White had “the most joyous giggle.” She recalled trying with Leeves to get that giggle to come out on the set. Leeves, in another People interview, affirmed that White’s giggle “was the best part of your day.” Leeves added that she got the former “Golden Girl” to laugh quite easily.

Leeves had lots to add in describing the icon. White was “kind, funny, sexy and accepting” to her. She applauded the talented White’s care of the planet and love of every living thing.

“You know, I always say if you had to send a representative of the human race to a new planet to introduce to aliens, you’d send Betty,” Leeves added.