Valerie Bertinelli Marks Eddie Van Halen’s Birthday With Throwback Pic of the Late Rocker

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (January 26th) Valerie Bertinelli took to her Instagram to mark Eddie Van Halen’s birthday with a throwback snapshot of her former husband and rocker. 

The post, which featured a snapshot of a young Eddie Van Halen without a shirt, didn’t have a caption other than a white heart. Bertinelli was notably married to the rock legend from 1981 to 2007. The couple shared a son, Wolfgang Van Halen. The singer eventually went on to marry his second wife, Janie Liszewski. Bertinelli married Tom Vitale.

Van Halen passed away in October 2020 from a stroke at the age of 65. He would be celebrating his 67th birthday. 

During a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment’s series Under the Covers, Bertinelli revealed that she thinks she and Eddie Van Halen will spend another lifetime together someday. “Some of the last words I said to him [are], you know, ‘Maybe next time. Maybe we’ll get it right next time.’ And I really do believe that this is not the first time nor will it be the last time that I spend a lifetime with him.”

Bertinelli also shared in her new memoir that she felt Eddie Van Halen’s presence just after this passing. “I was drifting in that half-asleep, half-awake place when I sensed a presence in the room. I opened my eyes and there, through the darkness, was Ed. Looking at me. With that Cheshire Cat grin of his. Like you asked for it. Here I am. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked. ‘Are you really here?’”

Valerie Bertinelli Admitted She loved Eddie Van Halen More Than She Knows How to Explain 

During a recent interview with People, Valerie Bertinelli revealed her true feelings for her late ex-husband Eddie Van Halen. “I loved Ed more than I know how to explain. I loved his soul.”

The media outlet also published excepted of her memoir Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I am Today. She stated that she and Eddie Van Halen were portrayed as a mismatch in their early years. “The bad boy rock star and America’s sweetheart. But privately, Ed wasn’t the person people thought he was. And neither was I.”

However, Bertinelli admitted that her marriage to Eddie Van Halen was rocky at times. “I hated the drugs and the alcohol. But I never hated him. I saw his pain,” she wrote. The Food Network host goes on to recall how the late rock legend approached her in 2019 about his health problems. He also revealed that his cancer had spread. He told her, “I hope you don’t think it’s weird, you know, that I brought my ex-wife this gift [pendant-sized gold bar from Germany while getting cancer treatment]. And didn’t get my wife anything. I just love you.”

Bertinelli went on to add that Eddie Van Halen wanted her to know that he messed up during their marriage. She then added, “I contributed to our troubles too and I am also sorry.”