‘Walker’ Brings Christmas to Texas in a Dramatic Fashion

by Jonathan Howard

Things don’t seem to be holly and jolly on Walker despite the holiday vibes in the latest teaser video the show sent out.

Cordell Walker is having to deal with a lot on the job. While he has tried his best to remain calm and collected in his role as law enforcement, there are times when things have to change. It appears that time is coming on the mid-season finale. The CW show seems to be going into the winter break with a bang.

Cordell has a lot to deal with. Both professionally and personally. Throw in the pressure of keeping the Christmas season under control, and that may be enough to push him over the edge. Whoever is in his way, better watch out. Check the video out below and see for yourself.

We see a Christmas celebration. Someone has even dressed up as Santa Clause for the occasion. However, as usual, there is more going on behind the scenes than it seems.

We don’t get a whole lot of information from the trailer. However, we do hear Walker say, “My whole peacemaker bit is over… and you won’t like what comes next.” For whoever is on the wrong end of his wrath is going to be paying consequences.

Of course, Cordell has been pushed to the limit in the past. His wife was killed, he has to deal with being the man in charge, and everything else that gets thrown at him over the course of the series.

Cordell Deals with Geri Going on a Date

Last week we saw a rough situation. No one wants to see their crush out on a date with someone else. Well, that’s what happened to Walker in a recent episode. Geri is his wife’s friend and the two have grown close since she died.

While Cordell would like to be something more, it appears that it is going to be more difficult than it seems. While meeting up with his old partner to go over the latest in life, he spots Geri going into the same restaurant they were headed to. It clearly bothered him, but he doesn’t let it show too much.

‘Walker’ Deals with Loss, Grief, and Recovery

One of the most interesting aspects of Walker has to be the fact the show is deeper than the original Texas Ranger. Jared Padalecki’s character is vulnerable. Cordell has real depth, he changes over time, and so do the dynamics of the show.

While it would be easy to rely on the past, the show makes sure to give itself a real direction and purpose. Walker deals with grief multiple times in the show. Grief over his wife, his old partner, friendships, and more. However, it does a great job of going through the recovery stages of that grief as well.