‘Walker’: Cordell Just Made an Important Decision About His Future

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

In the latest episode of Walker, there was a major decision made by Cordell that will impact his future moving forward on the show.

Sometimes, shows like Walker have new episodes that are fun and creative, but not important to the long-term story. This episode was not one of those. Cordell has made a big decision. Thanks to a brief time in the captain’s seat, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want from his job moving forward.

Captain Larry James was shot in the last episode. That set up the scene for Cordell to take over. He fit into the leadership role well and it let him learn what it was like to be in a position of power like that. While he has plenty of control over his job most days, moving up to a permanent leadership role would be a huge step.

However, Cordell didn’t want to go through with it. After spending his time in Captain James’ place, the Walker star decided he had had enough. Those higher roles are just not made for him and not what he wants to do. While he won’t be taking a bigger role, there is one thing that James wants Cordell to get handled. Replacing Micki. And, he doesn’t want it to be a shoot first ask last type person. No, he wants another Walker or Micki.

Someone is going to have to fill that role. Micki was a great partner and it will be very difficult to replace her. However, if anyone can do it, Cordell Walker can. Maybe he’ll get some help from Liam along the way. That’s as long as Liam stops going behind his brother’s back during cases and investigations.

Dan and Liam Team Up On ‘Walker’

While Cordell was taking the lead on the team, Dan and Liam were up to some other activities. Serano was getting out of prison on bail. So, Dan felt he had to do something. Without anyone else to turn to, and being afraid for his safety he turned to an unlikely ally. Liam.

The two do not really like one another. However, this was a development of their relationship. Perhaps there is a future friendship there outside of the Serano stuff. If there is, then that new dynamic could change the Walker landscape. Especially since Liam was doing all of this without telling Cordell.

Liam has had a bad habit of going behind Walker’s back at times. This season has not been great when it comes to that. Despite Cordell warning him at times, Liam has to ben the rules and try to make things work to his will. Is that going to come up again this season? Is it ever going to come to bite him in the butt?