‘Walker’: Cordell Is in Serious Trouble When the Show Returns

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)

We’re still weeks away from “Walker” returning to folks’ television sets on the CW. Yes, the reboot of the original with the Texas Ranger returns on March 3. However, since the show kicked off on the CW in 2021, Cordell has found himself in all sorts of trouble. He is dealing with both a crime kingpin and the Davidsons. Two very different situations for Cordell Walker, but they are situations he has to deal with. While he got some recent breathing room when it came to the crime kingpin, the heat looks to be on with the D.A. and Denise.

Yes, Cordell figures to be in serious trouble when the show returns in March. While most would suspect it had to do with the crime kingpin, it’s Denise who may have overheard something pretty major when it comes to Cordell Walker. The question, though, is what she does with the information. Walker has found himself in a lot of predicaments thus far, but the fire incident might be his biggest test yet.

What does Denise do with the information she has and how will it affect Cordell Walker on the program?

Jared Padalecki on ‘Walker’

Jared Padalecki took a big turn with his career when he took on this role. He talked to Newsweek about the change and said, “A lot of what I’m doing here on Walker is stuff that I, frankly, did on Supernatural, like helping maintain the integrity of the story. I’ve been in TV for 20 years and counting, and I’ve done like 400 episodes of television. I’ve also been paying attention. I haven’t just been showing up to work saying my lines and going home. “

He continued, “I’ve been paying attention to what works, what doesn’t work, the way the trends are headed, as far as our habits on set and our work style and helping to save money and save time and help kind of run a set and make sure that morale is up and that people are working hard and they know they’re seen and appreciated, keeping everybody motivated and helping the integrity of the character. “

He knows how it all works and a lot of that is due to his experience.

Padalecki concluded, “We’re a brand-new show and with COVID restrictions and everything, our writing staff and the rest of our producers, by and large, have to stay on the West Coast, so I’m here to represent them, and I’m there to represent the studio and the network. The CW has a long relationship with me and vice-versa, and so they trust that I’m going to do what’s best for the show, not what glorifies me. That’s a big blessing that they know who I am.”

You can watch “Walker” on the CW.