‘Walker’: Did Captain James Die in Episode 8?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Episode 8 of Walker was exciting and left us with so many questions. Including, what is the status of Captain James after being shot?

After the Captain was shot by someone he had arrested in the past, Cordell had to step up. James was in the hospital and things weren’t looking good at first. Thankfully, soon after the incident happened, Trey was there to administer first aid until help could arrive.

After a tough battle in the hospital, James was able to come out alright. The shot did not kill him. However, it did a lot of damage and caused a lot of worry for all involved. Walker has been getting into things head first since returning this new year.

The episode was wild. There were some other moving parts going on. Ultimately, the incident with Captain James allowed Cordell to get some insight. He had been pursuing a promotion. A leadership position. However, after taking the reigns from James temporarily, it has Walker thinking that he might not want that life. The decision to step down from consideration could play out with big implications moving forward.

This season, Liam has been bending the rules a little bit. There are times when he has even gone behind Cordell’s back to try and get a clue, investigate a suspect, and more. If that kind of behavior keeps up, it is hard to say what will happen.

However, when it came to the James situation, Liam was there with good info. He called some folks and was able to confirm that Cole, a former arrest by James, had been released recently. In fact, Cole had been admitted to the hospital as well, just hours after the Captain. It helped secure the suspect, who went down after being shot by a tactical team.

Will Liam Stay Loyal In New ‘Walker’ Episode?

While it was great to see Liam do things the right way, for the most part, this week, next week promises to bring back some of that sneakiness. Cordell is going to be oblivious, at least at first, as Dan and Liam team up to get Serano thrown back in jail. Walker keeps throwing curveballs.

Serano is going to be out on bail. That’s not good news for Dan. So, he does the only thing he can do and reaches out to an unlikely ally. Liam. The two are going to have to put their differences aside to do what they think needs to be done. Dan says he has info on the former inmate, but they are going to have to prove it. And Cordell isn’t allowed to know.

This isn’t a likely duo here. So, it will be interesting how the story develops. The episode could mean a big shift in Liam and Dan’s relationship. Perhaps this is going to damage Liam and Cordell’s relationship as well? It is hard to say. But, it should be a good episode overall when Walker returns.