‘Walker’: Did Liam Cross a Line?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

In the midseason finale of Walker, there were a few revelations and some strange moments. Liam might have gone too far this time.

When the episode opened we saw the hijacking. A public safety vehicle is run off the road and bandits in Reindeer masks start working on stealing anything they can from the vehicle. That’s what begins our story.

To get to the point about Liam, there is a lot of speculation about Dan and the Davidson family. There is bad blood there with Liam and most everyone knows it. Especially Cordell. As Liam and Walker go around town asking questions they arrive at a restaurant to speak with Gale after they had spoken with Dan in Thalia.

She seemingly has a cover story for Dan that exonerates him. While Cordell is willing to take her at her word, Liam isn’t so sure. He has many reservations about Dan. That’s when Liam heads outside to get some air. He notices his suspect is there and was locking up his truck. As Liam walks by the vehicle he sees what he thinks is evidence in the truck. He busts out the taillight before leaving the scene.

As we switch over to another scene, three men in a shop are trying to get the evidence truck opened. They almost had it except Cordell and company came in and broke everything up. It is looking like Gale’s information is good and Dan doesn’t appear to be part of this mess.

However, on the way home, Cordell and Liam see that Dan and Gale are pulled over. Surrounded by police. The Walker stars see the situation and immediately, Liam freaks out. Check out the scene below.

‘Walker’: Liam Freaks Out About His Decision

Sitting there in the car with Cordell, Liam realizes his mistake. While some fans are not convinced that he went too far, he knows that as law enforcement he can’t bend rules as he did. Cordell is immediately upset with him and lets him know that this could be damaging to his career.

We see a lot of drama on Walker. So, this isn’t surprising. However, there might be more to Dan than Cordell realizes. When the season returns in January, we will see where this storyline takes us. Perhaps Gale is right and Dan isn’t doing anything nefarious. Or, Liam is the only one that is seeing through the veil that Dan has put up in front of himself. Whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out more.

Liam looks genuinely shocked in the clip from the show. Cordell wants to get across to him the severity of what he did. This could mean big consequences and a new story arc perhaps for Liam in the new year. Only time will tell.