‘Walker’ Highlights Young Romance in New Stella-Focused Video

by Hannah Heser

The CW series Walker leaves the audience wondering if Stella will make her move or not. Social media shared a clip of the potential young romance for Stella. What do you think she’ll choose to do?

Her friends are encouraging her to ask Todd to explore the Davidson’s with her. Will this spark the beginning of a new romance? In a matter of days Stella could fall in love or explore the barn alone.

Outsiders can get more info here.

Background of ‘Walker’

Walker is an American action crime-drama television series that airs on CW. It is a recreated version of the 1990 western drama. The official trailer will give Outsiders who haven’t seen this a better idea for what it’s about.

This new series premiered on January 21, 2021 with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, who plays the titular role, Cordell Walker. He is a legendary Texas Ranger who returned home from an undercover assignment. Liam is his brother who is an assistant DA for the City of Austin.

Lindsey Morgan stars as Micki Ramirez, Cordell’s new partner. Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker, Cordell and Liam’s mother. She is married to Bonham, who is played by Mitch Pileggi. They have two grandchildren, August and Stella. The final main character is Odette Annable who plays Geraldine “Geri” Broussard. She owns a bar in the show.

The second season was filmed in February and premiered on October 28, 2021.

‘Walker’ Vs. ‘Supernatural’

Jared Padalecki starred in 15 seasons of Supernatural and is now transitioning into a cowboy look for his new series Walker. His character Cordell Walker takes us on a journey through balancing his duties as a father and ranger. This show was a chance for Padelecki to get more involved with his career.

Starring as the main character is not all he does in this series. He serves as an executive producer. From watching casting videos between scenese to talking about upcoming script or schedule changes, Padalecki has dedicated his life to this.

He originally wasn’t going to be in this show because he wanted to focus more on himself. He wanted to take some time off after Supernatural. But, then he thought if someone wants him to be in it then it’d have to film where he is. The casting directors were okay with this and he was off to Austin.

This is a show about a regular family man who goes to work as a Texas Ranger. It is more similar to NCIS than Supernatural.

Be sure to watch Jared and the rest of the Walker cast in their upcoming seasons. A lot more action-filled drama is coming!