‘Walker’ Highlights Moment Liam Puts It All Together

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Things are heating up this season on the CW’s Walker. It appears that Liam is starting to piece things together in a new clip.

In the last episode, things seemed to be falling into place. As Liam walks by Dan’s truck, he notices that there might be evidence hiding right there in plain sight. While he knows that the Davidson’s are up to something, he doesn’t have everything he needs yet.

Check out the clip and judge for yourself. This season is getting very interesting.

While Liam noticed the evidence, he didn’t let on when he talked to Cordell in the last episode. Perhaps he is keeping things to himself while he finds some more evidence. Fans aren’t quite sure what to expect from Liam at this point. If he doesn’t trust Walker with this information for some reason, who does he trust?

Clearly, things are not what they seem anywhere in the show. The fact that all of this is happening right as the show takes a midseason break for the winter has fans dying to see more.

With Micki leaving the show, Walker is going to have to rely on Liam more than ever. He has to understand that there aren’t many people he can turn to. If the Davidsons are up to what many expect them to be, then Cordell and company have a lot of work ahead of them.

Lindsey Morgan Leaves the Show

Micki, played by Lindsey Morgan, is Cordell’s partner. However, due to some personal reasons, the actress and character are falling back from the show. The CW star has been with the network for years. She got her start on The 100 and later joined Walker.

While she spent many seasons on The 100 her time as Micki Ramirez is only going to last a season and a half. There is a hope that the character and actress might make a return. However, there is nothing that points to that happening.

Micki was so important in season one. She helped Cordell come back to his regular life after an undercover assignment. He had a lot of grief with the death of his wife and a lot of relationships to repair. The Jared Padalecki character might have to turn to someone else for comfort and confidence.

‘Walker’ Star Praises Micki Ramirez

Jared Padalecki was quick to send a nice message out to his costar. There are no hard feelings about Morgan’s exit from Walker.

“You are nothing short of an absolute virtuoso. A champion. In every sense of the word. Thank you for blessing us with your strength, intelligence, and camaraderie. On-screen and off. This family is your family. Now and always.”