‘Walker’: Larry James Trusts Cordell to Handle Business in Clip From Latest Episode

by Jonathan Howard

In the latest episode of Walker on The CW, Captain Larry James was shot. So, Cordell Walker had to step up in his place.

Serano is out on bail, Larry James has been shot, and all of a sudden, Cordell is in charge. While James was in the hospital things had to get done. So, of course, Walker was put in charge. He has been vying for a promotion for quite some time and this is his first chance to really take command and lead an operation.

So, why doesn’t Cordell seem that excited? This clip from Walker shows the moment that our protagonist goes to visit his commanding officer. While the captain isn’t doing great, he is able to talk and reassure the new leader of the operation surrounding his shooting. Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

There are a couple of things that are clear from this clip. One, Captain James has a ton of trust in Cordell. He really has no choice as he’s laying in the hospital bed. However, it seems very genuine. Meanwhile, Walker himself seems uneasy. Unsure. This makes the character feel younger, more inexperienced than what fans typically see.

In the last episode of Walker, there was a lot going on. There were also a lot of big moments that happened during the episode. One of the big decisions that happened had to do with Cordell taking the temporary leadership position. After he was done and James was healthy enough, the Texas Ranger withdrew himself from consideration for a promotion.

So, it is clear that Cordell wants to focus on other things. Or, perhaps, he just doesn’t want to have to be a boss more than he already is. He could change his mind in the future though.

‘Walker’ Falls Into Chaos

With Serano out on bail, it seems that everything has fallen into chaos. There isn’t much that has been going right for our good guys here lately. It has also forced some characters into some unlikely alliances. While there was no way this would have happened under other circumstances, the fact that it is going to happen will change the dynamics of Walker for a while.

Due to Serano being a free man once again, Dan needed to go to someone. However, there just weren’t a lot of options for what he was trying to do. So, he went to Liam. While the two don’t generally get along, they are going to have to work together on this one. The only issue with that is the fact that Cordell isn’t allowed to know about their alliance or little investigation.

Walker deals a lot with relationships. This alliance alone could change a lot of relationships. Of course, Dan and Liam. But, what about Liam and Cordell? If Liam keeps going behind his back, Cordell might eventually be done with the extra activities.