‘Walker’: Lindsey Morgan’s Micki Emotionally Exits Show in Midseason Finale

by Allison Hambrick
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The CW’s Walker bid an emotional farewell to Micki as star Lindsay Morgan departs the series for personal reasons.

Morgan starred as Micki Ramirez, partner to series protagonist Cordell Walker. Her character was with the show from its start. Additionally, she spent seven seasons with The CW in their series The 100. It remains to be seen if she will return to the network.

Walker follows the title character as he returns to his family and job as a Texas Ranger after an undercover assignment. The first season saw Cordell navigating his grief and repairing his relationships. Other stars of the series include Jared Padalecki, Mitch Pileggi, Keegan Allen, Odette Annable, and Molly Hagan.

At the time of her departure from the series, Padalecki penned a tribute to his costar.

Padalecki Praises Walker Costar

The Walker star shared a heartfelt tribute to Morgan after the episode aired last night. Check it out below.

Because she is dealing with burnout, Morgan hopes “to take the time to take care of” herself and “re-evaluate how [she] got to where [she is] and make some changes.”

Additionally, Morgan credits gymnast Simone Biles as her inspiration. She feels that the pandemic caused a shift in her priorities, including her own well-being.

Even so, Morgan found leaving Walker to be an emotional experience. Her character’s exit largely mirrored her own.

Morgan’s Last Scenes Were “Surreal”

In the context of the show, Micki chooses to surrender her badge and leave Austin. Her decision is much the same as Morgan’s—to prioritize herself. As a result, she says goodbye to her partner Cordell as well as her boyfriend. According to Morgan, reading that last scene “gutted” her. She struggled with practicing her lines up until ten minutes before filming.

“I realize now I was trying to protect myself from really feeling those emotions and really feeling the gravity of it all for Micki and for Lindsey,” Morgan said. After she “finally just surrendered” to her feelings, they “hit (her) like a tsunami.”

Additionally, Morgan found her last scene “poetic.” In a show of support, her costars all gathered to watch her final moments filming Walker. She described it as a “magical moment of being completely supported and nurtured by such a wonderful group of people.”

As for whether or not the actress will return, Morgan is open to the possibility. Micki’s exit was left open-ended. Her character could be back in later seasons, provided Morgan is in a better place.