‘Walker’: One Star Appeared in Scrubs on ‘Station 19’ Before Joining Texas Drama

by Allison Hambrick

Walker actor Alex Landi appeared on several shows prior to joining the CW series, including both Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19.

In the first season of Walker, Landi portrayed Bret, the boyfriend of Liam Walker, played by Keegan Allen. The character appeared in seven episodes alongside Supernatural alum Jared Padalecki. Unfortunately, Bret and Liam broke up, and Landi has not been featured in the show since episode 18. Liam and Bret were the first LGBTQ+ couple in the franchise’s history.

Prior to appearing in Walker, Landi recurred on Grey’s Anatomy. He made his debut as Dr. Nico Kim in episode one of season 15. Dr. Kim’s primary storyline focused on his romantic relationship with Dr. Levi Schmitt, played by Jake Borelli. Landi has appeared in 38 episodes, with his most recent being episode six of season 18.

Additionally, the Walker actor appeared on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Station 19. Once again, he played the role of Dr. Kim. So far, he has only appeared in three episodes. Each of these guest spots was in a supporting capacity, with his character providing medical care. Notably, Landi appeared in episode one of season three, which was the episode when a car crashed into a bar. It is known for being one of the series’ stranger moments.

While he is more known for the role of Dr. Kim, Landi also appeared on Insatiable before starring on Walker. His role on the show is relatively minor, appearing a handful of times throughout the second season. Landi’s character mostly acts a love interest to series protagonist Patty Bladell, played by Debby Ryan.

‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Exits Series

In addition to Landi leaving Walker, series regular Lindsey Morgan left the show during its midseason finale. The actress cited personal reasons as the cause for her departure. Her choice was made in order “to take the time to take care of” herself and “re-evaluate how [she] got to where [she is] and make some changes.”

Even so, the actress was emotional over her departure. Practicing her lines was difficult, and Morgan found it hard to focus. She took a full ten minutes to emotionally prepare herself to film her last scene, which she said “gutted” her.

“I realize now I was trying to protect myself from really feeling those emotions and really feeling the gravity of it all for Micki and for Lindsey,” Morgan said. After they “finally just surrendered” to her emotions, they “hit (her) like a tsunami.”

However, Morgan’s Walker castmates, came through for her as they all came to cheer her on in her final scene. She called it a “magical moment of being completely supported and nurtured by such a wonderful group of people.”