‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 8: How, When to Watch and What to Expect

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Wendy Redfern/Redferns)

The upcoming “Walker” episode titled “Two Points For Honesty” comes out this Thursday and it’s Walker running the show temporarily.

The CW Network offers a little bit of a preview from the 9 p.m. show

In this episode, the story plot involves Captain Larry James. James (played by Coby Bell) is shot and is in critical condition. Bell does not show up on the episode’s IMDb entry yet. So, this means Walker’s stepping into the role of interim captain, and he’s going to be an unlikely source for help. Who is it? 

We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out with Walker in charge.

Walker’s Temporary Promotion Is Big News

Captain James is in critical condition, and it’s up to Cordell Walker to step up. Will he impress enough folks to hold his promotion?

Walker’s got that new worry to figure out with Micki’s decision to move back to San Antonio. It’s an emotional and professionally challenging moment for Walker. Is he up to the challenge? 

These injuries are critical, and Walker may have some time to prove himself. James will likely need some home rest after he gets out of the hospital.

Walker’s the head honcho right now unless there’s some twist and another ranger comes in to take over.

Morgan Still With ‘Walker’ For Now

Lindsey Morgan, who left the show after the final episode’s taping, is also back for this episode as her character’s last episodes play out. 

Morgan plays Micki Ramirez, the first Latinx Texas Ranger. Ramirez is dealing with the mental strain of working undercover. The actress said she left the show for personal reasons, and it works well with her Ramirez character. 

Would she come back for a future episode or a guest flashback or something? Nope, in her words, the answer is “one-hundred percent, no questions asked” no.

Morgan said, “leaving (the show) was one of the hardest decisions (she’s) ever had to make in (her) life.” The actress saw similarities in her character, saying that “she needed to take care of (herself).

The actress added that she needed to give some attention to “her well-being physically and emotionally and mentally, and reevaluate how I got to where I am and make some changes.”

‘Walker’ Writer Emotional About Morgan Exit

Showrunner Anna Fricke recently told Entertainment Weekly that she respected Morgan’s decision.

“I obviously support and respect her journey for self care and mental care, so I just could not feel more positive about Lindsey,” Fricke said

But that last Ramirez scene will be tough seeing, probably for fans. It was for her.

The showrunner said the last scene wasn’t in the original script, and it was “so emotional and beautiful.”

Fricke said that the last scene’s emotion (with Morgan leaving) “destroyed me,” and she felt it from “behind the (camera) monitors.” 

Want to watch the show? Check it out Thursday at 9 p.m. The network posts new episodes of its shows the next day on the CW website and app. If you want to buy or rent the episode, check it out on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, and iTunes.