‘Walker’ Showcases a Power Struggle Between Walker and Liam in Video

by Jennifer Shea

In a new video, the CW’s Walker showcases the power struggle between Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) and Liam Walker (Keegan Allen) that has been simmering recently.

In the video, we see Cordell and Liam trying to one-up each other as Micki (Lindsey Morgan) looks on.

“I’m gonna need to see this through from my office, so I’m gonna need you to listen to me more than you have lately,” Liam says.

“I did listen to you about the cameras, and it almost got you shot,” his brother fires back. “So your hatred of the Davidsons is your own problem.”

Watch the video here:

Walker Is a ‘Cool Privilege’ for Padalecki to Play

Walker tells the story of a widower who’s also a Texas Ranger, returning home to Austin to find there’s plenty going on back home for him to deal with. Padalecki stars in the show, as does his real-life wife Genevieve. And in fact, to play the title character, Padalecki draws on his own experiences with his burgeoning family.

In an interview earlier this year with Collider, Padalecki said the show has offered him new opportunities to build a character who’s different from his previous roles. (Of course, it also helps that he’s no longer shooting in Vancouver, as he was for Supernatural.)

“To play a father and a widower, and to be a little brother and a law enforcement agent, it’s so many new horizons for me and it’s such a cool privilege that I get to do this and sleep at home,” he said. “It’s amazing to sleep home, but it sucks to wake up at home because I have three, two-legged alarm clocks that just wanna come in and jump on dad’s head. They’re like, ‘Time to wake up, I want Lucky Charms! Time to wake up, I want Cheerios! Where’s my yogurt?’ And I’m like, ‘Uh, I gotta go to work.’ It’s a very different lifestyle, in many ways, and maybe it’s helping me film Walker.”

The Real Texas Rangers Have an Anniversary Coming Up

Meanwhile, the force that the show dramatizes is about to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2023. The Texas Ranger Bicentennial Celebration will feature parties, festivals and presentations in a tribute to the legendary Texas law enforcement agency.

The Texas Rangers got their start in 1823, with ten seasoned frontiersmen hired to “range” across Texas, per Fox News. In the two centuries since then, when Texas boasted about 700 residents, the state has become the largest in the country with roughly 30 million citizens.

Today, the top challenge facing Texas Rangers is human trafficking. But the Rangers are not limited to law enforcement. They’re also on a mission to teach other law enforcement agencies about what they do and how they do it. As the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America, they have a lot of expertise to share.

To catch the fictional take on the Rangers’ work, don’t miss Walker on the CW, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.