‘Walker’ Star Coby Bell Teases Who Is Responsible for Shooting James

by Allison Hambrick

Walker threw fans for a loop when it returned for its midseason premiere. A shocking twist left Captain James out of commission. The show led audiences to believe the target was Trey, another character, when a gunman instead shot the captain.

“The writers did another good job of leading the audience one way, only to have them get sucker punched from from behind, which they’re so good at with this show,” said actor Coby Bell, who plays Captain James. “I watch the show with my kids, and even having read the scripts, the twists that the writers put in there sneak up on me. We think they’re coming after Trey, but they were not.”

In addition, Bell discussed how the show will respond to his injury. Obviously, James being in critical condition puts protagonist Cordell Walker in the role of acting captain. Regardless of how this affects the team long-term, it sets up some intense pressure for Cordell. This is especially true considering that Cordell is no without a partner and a captain.

“It’s a shock to everyone,” explained Bell. “James has always been this steady presence, and I think everyone assumes Captain James is going to be fine. He’s always been fine, he’s always going to be fine, and then [when] something happens, it’s like, ‘Whoa, wait a minute.’ And then with Micki gone, I think James was sort of grooming Micki to eventually fill that captain role. But with Micki gone, Walker has to jump in, and he’s not really built for that kind of leadership. He’s more of an out-in-the-field, kick-butt-first-and-ask-questions-later kind of guy. But he’s learning. So Walker has to challenge himself to see what kind of leader he is in that situation.”

Walker Star Talks Character’s Private Life

Additionally, Bell teased that this turn of events could lead to growth not only for Walker but for James himself. As he is recently divorced, this sort of life-threatening situation puts his family life on display. Bell felt that it gave audiences a different take on the work-oriented character.

“When he gets shot, he’s in critical condition,” said Bell. “His ex-wife shows up at the hospital with their son. It’s going to be cool for the audience to get to see that side of his life and get to know Kelly, his ex-wife, and what their relationship was like. Kearran Giovanni came in, and she was great. She just hopped right in, and it felt like she had always been there… You can see that there is still love there between the two of them.”

To see how things pan out for James and Cordell, audiences can catch Walker Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.