‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Reveals Where Walker’s Head Space Is Going into Season 2

by Kati Michelle

The CW’s “Walker” is considered an American action crime-drama TV series (what a mouthful). Actually, the series comes as a reboot to the classic “Walker, Texas Ranger” western drama from the ’90s. And front and center? Jared Padalecki. His character involves a widowed father who returns to Austin, Texas after an undercover stint with hopes of reconnecting with his children. The show sees him try to make sense of family while also juggling his new partner. However, something darker lurks in the background as he fears foul play led to his previous wife’s death.

The season 1 finale answers a lot of those questions surrounding the mysterious death for Walker. So, where does that leave him for the upcoming Season 2? Well, Jared Padalecki sat down with Entertainment Weekly to dish on what fans can expect.

Jared Padalecki Says His Character Enters Season 2 With a Sense of Peace But It’s Not Smooth Sailing Quite Yet

The Texas Ranger got some answers about his wife Emily’s death and Jared Padalecki says this allows his character to enter the season with the sense of peace he’s been longing for. Still, it might be short-lived. Padalecki says of his character: “Walker certainly enters season 2 with a greater degree of peace than he entered into season 1.”

He then goes on to detail what else is on Walker’s mind. “He’s still a Ranger and he still has some questions and he was shot at, but conversely, Micki [Lindsey Morgan] has kind of taken the mantle for starting the season in a complicated headspace.”

He goes on to explain: “The peace that Walker has found, even if it’s brief, was taken from Micki and given to Walker because now she’s undercover. We pick up in season 2 with Micki having been undercover for about three months trying to figure out who shot Stan Morrison and Walker, and Walker is not privy to all the facts.”

Padalecki then teases fans saying: “Until he ultimately does find out and he becomes equally worried about Micki having gone through what he went through in season 1, having been undercover and coming back to normal life.”

He even teases the budding romance that fans have raised their eyebrows about.

‘Back in the Saddle Tonight’

Jared Padalecki often joins fans in live-tweeting his reactions to new episodes as they drop. He did this for Season 1 Episode 4, for example. Now, the CW star is gearing up and getting back in the saddle tonight to do the same thing. He shared a tweet breaking the news asking “Who’s with me?” The tweet also includes a trailer for tonight’s episode in case you missed it.

Check it out: