‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Filming at Home in Texas

by Courtney Blackann

The CW’s “Walker” star Jared Padalecki loves being able to film the show at home in Texas. Not only does he get to spend more time with family, he doesn’t feel the stress of traveling or being on the go so often.

In a recent interview with WCCB of Charlotte, the former “Supernatural” actor opened up about his role on “Walker,” filming at home and transitioning into his new character after 15 years with “Supernatural.”

“It’s awesome. A lot less flying. I don’t even know where my passport is right now, where I usually have it plastered to me. But yeah, I get to drive to work every day and I get to drive home to my wife and kids. And you know, today I have a later call, so I got to help out with breakfast..,” the actor shares.

Not only is the work convenient for Padalecki, but it’s rewarding as well. The star was raised in Texas and he feels an appreciation for the “Walker” remake. The original show starred Chuck Norris – a hard act to follow. Though, Padalecki is up for the challenge.

‘Walker’ Actor a Fan of the Reboot

He recently explained why he was comfortable in the role as well as what it means to him.

 “I grew up in Texas and I feel like ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ the Chuck Norris version, had been on [TV] a lot. And obviously, we find ourselves in a very different situation and I want it to find a storyline that I could work from home in Austin about a law enforcement agent who ideally for me, the audience will never know if he’s liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican. This is not a show about roundhouse kicks. This is a show about a well-rounded family man.”

Further, the actor is learning to expand his role. In addition to actor, he also produces, which he says he thoroughly enjoys. This is so much so, that the “Walker” actor says he may eventually cut out acting altogether.

In an interview with EW, he explains his reasoning for this.

“And I was like, “I don’t want to direct, I want to produce.” That’s kind of the way my brain works. I would rather put together the Legos than have the finished piece. I read instruction booklets, love the engineering, puzzle aspect of it. I’d rather try and figure out the answer than know the answer. I say this without a hint of irony: I can’t wait to never be on camera again.”

While “Walker” is only in its second season, Padalecki is in for the long haul. Especially after his tenure with “Supernatural,” the actor is looking forward to growing and expanding his horizons.