‘Walker’ Star Jared Padelicki Discusses ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Season 2 Conflict

by Chase Thomas

Walker Season 2 is underway that stars Jared Padelicki. The show began with the mystery surrounding the Texas Ranger’s wife and how she died.

Conflict and mystery dominate this Western show.

Season 1 was a smash hit for the fans, so it was always going to be difficult to replicate what the show excelled at in Season 2. However, Season 2 is here and fans are learning more about the backstory for Walker. This is an important development for the show, as fans want to know his backstory. Fans want to see what it was like years ago on the ranch.

Season 2 looks to answer a lot of those questions. Family feuds, similar to Hatfields and McCoys, is the main course this season, but is that the right move?

What Padelicki had to say about Walker Season 2

“When Walker grew up, the ranch next door was owned by the Davidsons and the Davidsons and Walkers had a long-storied feud almost a la Hatfields and McCoys. In season 2, the Davidsons find their way back into Austin onto that same ranch. And on that ranch, there was a tragedy that happened when Walker was about 13 or 14, and it was such a tragic event that it actually sent the Davidsons away for about 25 or 30 years,” he said while speaking with EW.

What do you think brought the Davidsons back, and does it involve the Walkers? It is fair to wonder, but that is certainly interesting.

This is very interesting. For a reboot, Padelicki walks in the shadows of the legendary Chuck Norris. The storylines have to grip fans. This storyline should grip those fans. Who doesn’t love a family feud in a Western?

Padelicki continues:

“One hundred percent. Not just story-wise; the best way I can put it is the premiere of season 2 doesn’t feel like season 2, episode 1, it feels like Walker episode 19.”

Padelicki is no strange to building a new show from the start, and he did it on Gilmore Girls and he did it on Supernatural. You get the sense he is energized with this role, and it is a fresh role for the former Supernatural star.

What to look forward to?

Good news! Walker returns to television on the CW in just a few weeks, and it will be on at 8:00 PM EST, but you can also keep up with the show on streaming services like Hulu and HBO Max.