‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Micki’s Big Journey Throughout Show

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Have you have ever wondered about what Walker star Lindsey Morgan thinks of her character’s journey on the show?

Nowadays, Linsdey Morgan is known thanks to her role on The CW’s Walker, a 2021 reboot of the television series Walker, Texas Ranger. She played the character of Ranger Michelle “Micki” Ramirez on the new show. You may also recognize her from her work in the science fiction drama series The 100. She starred in that show as mechanic Raven Reyes.

However, if you have been keeping up with the latest in Walker, you probably know by now that Lindsey Morgan has officially exited from the series. The show wrapped up her character’s story during the mid-finale episode of season 2. Micki was going through some struggles about what she endured while on an undercover mission. As a result, she made the decision to turn in her badge and gun and go back home to reconsider her priorities.

She spoke to Entertainment Weekly on Friday about Micki’s journey on the show and the need to prioritize one’s health.

“Yes. I feel like we don’t explore that story enough,” Morgan told the outlet. “We don’t explore the priority shifting enough in honest and even subtle ways. I think so many of us face a changing of priorities.”

It’s clear to see that the popular actress has gained a new respect for law enforcement after playing the role on Walker.

“It’s really examining the choices we make and the personas we create and the stories we tell ourselves. and so I love that we got to delve into that a bit because it takes a really special person to be in law enforcement, in my opinion. You’re putting your life on the line. You’re making these daily sacrifices. You have to be beyond brave.”

Lindsey Morgan’s ‘Walker’ Character Overworked Herself

It’s a sentiment that so many Americans can relate to. But Lindsey Morgan and her character in Walker share definitely share some parallels. Micki was constantly working to get to where she was in her law enforcement career. And Morgan can relate to that as far as acting goes.

“A big question Micki was exploring is why? Why does she feel the need to do this? Why does she feel the need to constantly prove herself? And why does she feel like she has to kill herself over and over to gain respect?” she asked. “I feel like that paralleled some of my life. It’s why do I do what I do? Why do I feel like I need to constantly be doing new projects or working and never giving myself a break? And the more I explored it, it’s about missing some validation in our lives that we need to give to ourselves and stop looking at from external places. So, I love getting to explore that with Micki and with myself.”