‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Micki’s Break Up With Trey

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Daniel Knighton/FilmMagic)

Lindsey Morgan has left Walker and that means that Micki is no longer going to appear on the show. She even broke up with Trey.

As part of the separation from the show, Mick and Trey have had to separate as well. It was a tough decision for Morgan to leave the show. It came down to a personal reason and she has elaborated since. In the midseason finale, we saw the breakup with Trey. Luckily we heard from Morgan via Entertainment Weekly about the moment.

“They’re much better humans than I am, that’s for sure,” she said about the situation. “But I love that scene because you see there’s so much respect and love between these two, and even though they break up, it wasn’t a fight. It was almost like they ave different understandings [of] who they are as [individuals] and who they are as a relationship.”

The actress really enjoyed the scene. The Walker star liked how natural and human the moment was. Writers were able to make the moment intimate and intense without getting too cheesy. Oh, and there might be more from Micki and Trey later on.

Micki and Trey Never Said They Were Breaking Up

While talking about the intense moment on Walker, there is one thing that Morgan is happy about looking back on the scene. When an actor or actress leaves a show it is hard to do things on their own terms. However, Morgan is happy about the ending with Trey.

“I also love that they never said it. Trey and Micki never said, “I guess we should break up,” or “I guess it’s over. I guess it’s done.” It was just this acknowledgment that I’m in a different place now and I need to go find myself. And he loves her so much and respects her, he let her do that. I believe, and I hope there’s still a chance for Micki and Trey in the future. My fingers are crossed for that.”

For those that are sad that Micki has left, don’t worry. She very well may make a return. Don’t take it from us, take it from her.

‘Walker’ Star Wants to Return to Show

Once Lindsey Morgan is able to take care of what she needs to take care of in her personal life, Morgan would like to return to the CW show. Walker is a show that Morgan was doing a great job on. Fans are going to miss her. However, when she was asked about returning, she was emphatic.

“One-hundred percent. No questions asked,” she said. So, don’t hold your breath, but don’t give up hope either. Surely Trey is going to hold out hope. Viewers should too.