‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Discusses Parallels Between Herself and Micki

by Allison Hambrick
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Walker actress Lindsey Morgan talked about the similarities between herself and her character Micki as well as their exits from the series.

“It’s kind of funny how art can imitate life,” Morgan said in an interview with TVLine. I had a lot of parallels with Micki, and that’s why I thought when I had made my decision—and it was such an incredibly hard decision—but there was something to say about the kind of strength it takes to put yourself first, and being able to deal with the guilt or the shame, those feelings of, ‘I may have let all these people down, but I have to take care of me to be my best me.’ So, Micki’s going through that. I’m going through that.”

Morgan chose to leave Walker after experiencing burnout. Micki chose to do the same after stepping away from her job as a Texas Ranger.

Morgan Talks Last Scene of Walker

 Even though the decision to leave was hers, Morgan cried her way through her last scene of Walker.

“It was ridiculous,” said Morgan. “Even when the cameras weren’t on me, I was crying. And Jared was like, “Hey, save it.” And I looked at him, but I was like, ‘I’m not trying!’ And then he made fun of me. He’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not trying? You can just cry?’ But it was so beautiful.”

Unbeknownst to Morgan, the entire cast and crew of Walker came to watch her final moments on the show.

“It was my last scene and they were all watching it in video village,” the actress revealed. “I had no clue. [Showrunner] Anna Fricke even flew in from Maine to be there. So just to be supported and nurtured by so many wonderful people, it just touched my heart in such a profound way. And that last scene was just…it will stay with me forever, yeah. You forget about a lot of scenes after so many years of doing this, but that’s one scene that I will just treasure in my heart forever.”

Additionally, Morgan said that the character of Micki Ramirez inspired her in many ways. The show gave her the opportunity to explore what it is like for someone in law enforcement.

Morgan Pays Tribute to Law Enforcement

As a result, she felt that Walker dispelled a lot of the myths about people in the field, especially regarding their invincibility.

“One thing I love about what we got to do in Walker, and especially in first season with Jared’s character, is that we can see people in law enforcement as kind of like superheroes,” Morgan said. “They put their lives on the line and they’re so brave, they’re so strong, but I feel like what isn’t explored enough is the toll it takes. How that lifestyle and the sacrifice they make for everyone else affects their own lives, their home, their family, their well-being.”

Overall, Morgan is proud of her time on Walker, including her exit. She felt it was “an accurate, honest portrayal of what could happen to somebody in that situation.”