‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Opens Up About Heartbreaking Departure

by Allison Hambrick

Walker actress Lindsey Morgan discussed her emotional exit from the series and why she felt it was the right decision for herself.

Walker follows the title character as he returns to his family and job as a Texas Ranger after an undercover assignment. The first season saw Cordell navigating his grief and repairing his relationships. Other stars of the series include Jared Padalecki, Mitch Pileggi, Keegan Allen, Odette Annable, and Molly Hagan.

Alongside Jared Padalecki as series protagonist Cordell Walker, Morgan starred as Micki Ramirez, his partner. Her character was with the show from its first episode. Prior to Walker, she spent seven seasons with The CW on their series The 100.

Her decision to leave the series was personal. Additionally, Morgan’s abrupt decision led the writers to make a hasty revision. As a result, Ramirez’s departure from the series mirrors her own.

“That final scene was not in the original script,” Morgan told Entertainment Weekly. “So [showrunner] Anna [Fricke] had added that scene during the week of shooting, and when I received it, it just gutted me. And I believe I texted her, “Are you trying to kill me?” It was just almost too much.”

For Morgan, the last scenes were her most difficult to film of the entire series. The actress had such difficulty practicing her lines that she continued rereading them up until ten minutes before shooting.

“I realize now I was trying to protect myself from really feeling those emotions and really feeling the gravity of it all for Micki and for Lindsey,” continued the Walker actress. “And then finally I just surrendered and I was like, ‘You know what? Let me just feel all these feelings,’ and it hit me like a tsunami.”

In addition, Morgan described her last scene as “poetic.” The actress was unaware that the entire cast came back to watch her. She called the moment “magical” and said she felt “completely supported.”

Morgan Would Return to ‘Walker’

When asked if she would return to Walker, Morgan didn’t hesitate.

“One-hundred percent,” she responded. “No questions asked. Me leaving was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life and it’s really interesting because my life can parallel Micki’s a lot, and this was kind of a similar instance. I really need to take the time to take care of myself and my well-being physically and emotionally and mentally, and reevaluate how I got to where I am and make some changes.”

Like her character, Morgan’s life was all about her career. The actress explained that “all of that work and running and ambition, it caught up to [her] and now [she’s] facing a lot of burnout.”

Going forward, Morgan’s chief goal is to get better. She felt Ramirez shared her ambition.

“I really need my body and myself to be in the best possible place it can be,” said Morgan. “And I think that’s exactly what Micki’s doing now too.”

Additionally, she credits Simone Biles as an inspiration. Her decision to put her health before her career in front of the world resonated with Morgan.

“We don’t explore the priority shifting enough in honest and even subtle ways,” the Walker actress said. “I think so many of us face a changing of priorities. Anna told me that my big arc for season 2 was Micki exploring, ‘Who am I now? Who am I now after these experiences, and why do I do what I do?’ It’s really examining the choices we make and the personas we create and the stories we tell ourselves.”