‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Reveals Her Favorite Thing About Playing Micki

by Allison Hambrick

Former Walker actress Lindsey Morgan discussed what she enjoyed most about playing her character, Texas Ranger Micki Ramirez.

“Oh my gosh, I loved all the comedy,” Morgan told TVLine. “I loved all the banter that Micki had with Walker, or with Trey. Just kind of the lighter stuff. Because you know, I’ve kind of had a career of playing tougher things.”

“Suffering,” she continued. “I’m really good at it. I’d like to branch out and show my range. I just love how much lightness the show was able to find. The levity and friendship, and the power of that, I found it very healing. And I think especially now, that’s the kind of things we need to be seeing on television.”

Additionally, this kind of levity existed on the set of Walker, too, according to Morgan. She described the cast as “supportive” and enjoyed joking around with costar Jared Padalecki.

Because of this, her decision to leave due to personal reasons was not an easy one. Filming her last scene proved difficult because of her mixed emotions.

Morgan Talks Filming Final Walker Scene

After struggling to get herself ready to film Walker, Morgan cried her way through most of the scene.

“Oh my gosh,” the actress exclaimed. “It was ridiculous. Even when the cameras weren’t on me, I was crying. And Jared was like, “Hey, save it.” And I looked at him, but I was like, ‘I’m not trying!’ And then he made fun of me. He’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not trying? You can just cry?’ But it was so beautiful.”

Moreover, the actress received an unexpected surprise. When she went to film, the entire cast and crew of Walker watched her final moments on the show.

“Also, I had no idea, but the entire cast came back for that scene,” the actress revealed. “It was my last scene and they were all watching it in video village [on set]. I had no clue. [Showrunner] Anna Fricke even flew in from Maine to be there.”

Given the difficulty that Morgan experienced prior to filming, this display of affection means even more. It was hard for Morgan to make the call go put herself first, but she said the crew made her feel more loved.

“To be supported and nurtured by so many wonderful people, it just touched my heart in such a profound way,” continued Morgan. “And that last scene was just…it will stay with me forever, yeah. You forget about a lot of scenes after so many years of doing this, but that’s one scene that I will just treasure in my heart forever.”

Given that she is open to returning, Morgan might just have more memorable Walker scenes in her future.