‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Wanted to Deconstruct Law Enforcement as Superheroes Archetype

by Maria Hartfield

The CW’s Walker said goodbye to one of its most loved characters, Micki Ramirez played by Lindsey Morgan. Fans of the series found out earlier in the season after Morgan announced she would be leaving the show for personal reasons.

Michelle “Micki” Ramirez has been a long-standing character on the show. Her strong-willed personality and no-nonsense attitude make her a passionate ally. She’s been through the thick of it from dealing with the aftermath of her botched undercover mission to the death of her ex-boyfriend who was helping her on a case. Unfortunately, these circumstances ended in Micki realizing she needed to move away in order to heal. No one wants to see her go, alas the time has officially come to say goodbye to Micki Ramirez.

Lindsey Morgan opened up to TVInsider on her departure from the series and why she made the decision to leave.

Lindsey Morgan Puts Herself First

When asked about Ramirez departure, Morgan said, “Yes. It really was beautiful. And also, it was really honest. One thing I love about what we got to do in Walker, and especially in the first season with Jared’s character, is that we can see people in law enforcement as kind of like superheroes. They put their lives on the line and they’re so brave, they’re so strong, but I feel like what isn’t explored enough is the toll it takes. How that lifestyle and the sacrifice they make for everyone else affects their own lives, their home, their family, their well-being. So I really thought it was a really accurate, honest portrayal of what could happen to somebody in that situation.”

When it comes to the current conversations surrounding self-care and more importantly mental health, Micki’s exit gives a perfect example of her many strengths.

“Yes. And it’s kind of funny how art can imitate life. I had a lot of parallels with Micki, and that’s why I thought when I had made my decision—and it was such an incredibly hard decision—but there was something to say about the kind of strength it takes to put yourself first, and being able to deal with the guilt or the shame, those feelings of, “I may have let all these people down, but I have to take care of me to be my best me.” So, Micki’s going through that. I’m going through that.”

Morgan continued saying, “…we’re shifting into a new consciousness as a society, and that focus is on our self-care, on our well-being as a whole. We’re really shifting priorities and seeing that our life is not meant to just be about work. I think that’s that one saying is, what is it? We don’t live to work, we work to live.”

Fans of the fiery Micki Ramirez don’t be sad! When asked if this is the final goodbye for Micki to which Morgan replied, “Well, you never know. I hope not. My plan is…I hope not.”