‘Walker’ Star Mitch Pileggi Says Bonham’s Ranch and Legacy Mean Everything to Him

by Joe Rutland

For Walker star Mitch Pileggi, there is one thing about Bonham’s Ranch and legacy that he wants people to know. They mean a lot to him.

Pileggi plays Bonham Walker, father of Cordell and Liam Walker. Jared Padalecki and Keegan play those roles, respectively.

“His ranch, his family is his life,” Pileggi said in a video sent out on The CW show’s Twitter account. “It’s his everything.”

“The ranch is our legacy,” Pileggi said in his Bonham Walker role to Abeline Walker, his wife, played by Molly Hagan. “And it’s a beautiful one,” she said.

Walker is currently in its second season on The CW.

‘Walker’ Lead Actor Jared Padalecki Says Character Is Trying To Keep A Level Head

Entering the show’s second season, star Jared Padalecki is saying that his Walker character is trying to be level-headed.

He mentions this while talking with WCCB Charlotte in an interview.

This level-headedness is earmarked toward the Walker-Davidson rivalry.

“Walker has a good memory, other than the incident that happened that caused the Davidsons to move,” Padalecki says. “Which we get into as well. But Liam just remembers the Davidsons as always being angry to the Walkers, mean to the Walkers.”

He also said that Denise Davidson is now returning. She will become the district attorney, a job that Liam definitely wanted last season. 

Padalecki says, “Ultimately, there was a delay in the election process, and she’s coming in to fill in the job.

“So now she’s Liam’s boss and working hand-and-hand with the rangers,” he says. “Which makes it pretty difficult for Liam.”

Star Of The Show Admits He Almost Passed On CW Show After Last Series Ended

Did you know that Padalecki almost passed up on the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot?

He talks about it in a January 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It wasn’t part of his plans, especially after Supernatural ended in 2020.

“I wanted to take some time after Supernatural to mourn and grieve Supernatural,” Padalecki admits.

Then he discovered that Walker was all going to be filmed in Austin. “If I wanted to film anywhere other than Austin, where my family, then I would’ve stayed on Supernatural,” Padalecki says.

So, why did he and Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles decide to end Supernatural (for now)? It was due to their families living in a different country. 

“Then we realized Austin is the headquarters for the Texas Rangers,” Padalecki said. His manager, Dan Spilo, asked him if he had showrunners he wanted to work with. The answer? Anna Fricke. 

The actor admits that he grew up with the original show starring Chuck Norris.

“It was part of growing up in Texas,” Padalecki says. “It was huge all over, but it was certainly huge here.”