‘Walker’: Will Lindsey Morgan Leave the Show in Upcoming Mid-Season Finale?

by Megan Molseed

Lindsey Morgan’s character on the hit CW series Walker has had quite the run during the show’s second season.

Throughout the second season of the popular investigative series, Lindsey Morgan’s Micki has spent quite a bit of time trying to adjust back into her normal life after returning from a deep undercover assignment.

However, Micki then witnesses someone close to her pass away. This brings back many feelings the Walker character has been struggling with during her time on the series.

This, of course, causes Lindsey Morgan’s Micki to have a difficult time.

Especially as she finds herself struggling both at home and at work.

Could all of this mean that the actress is going to take her leave from the series before the second season comes to a complete end? Will fans be saying goodbye to Micki in the midseason finale instead?

‘Walker’ Actress May Be Heading Towards Her Exit

Earlier this fall, Walker fans learned that Lindsey Morgan would be saying goodbye to her role on the popular CW series sometime during this second season.

And, now with everything that her character is facing, we wonder if this exit isn’t about to take place in Walker’s midseason finale.

In a recently released synopsis of the upcoming Walker midseason finale, viewers learn that Linsdey Morgan’s character will be starting a “new chapter.”

In the upcoming mid-season finale titled Douglas Fir, Micki comes clean to Trey (Jeff Pierre) about her complicated past. This leads the couple to begin questioning their future. And, what it means for the pair going forward.

After a long talk, the couple soon realizes that a new beginning is necessary a Micki moves forward. Thus, the “new chapter,” mentioned earlier. But, is a breakup between Micki and Trey enough to lead to Morgan’s exit from the series?

Will Life-Changes Lead To Micki’s Goodbye?

It may seem like a big step – a breakup leading to an exit from a series, but earlier this year Lindsey Morgan announced her upcoming exit from the popular CW series.

Morgan didn’t give a reason for this major decision. So far, the actress has just cited “personal reasons” for her choice to exit the show. An exit such as this would certainly be a bit of a sad way to say goodbye to Micki. However, it’s definitely preferable to the series-deciding to kill the character off!

Elsewhere in the upcoming December 9 episode of Walker, Jared Padalecki’s Walker and Keegan Allen’s Liam agree to put their differences aside. The two agree to trust each other when Denise who is portrayed by Walker guest-star (Amara Zaragoza) asks them to investigate a case.

Meanwhile, Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) dresses as Santa Claus, making the annual holiday party even a little more festive.

The midseason finale of Walker’s second season is scheduled to air on the CW Thursday, December 9 at 8 p.m. ET.