Watch the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Brothers Join Forces to Fix Damaged Road

by Amy Myers

When eldest Alaskan Bush People sibling Bam Bam Brown (37) needed to reconstruct a crucial road on his property, he recruited the help of two of his younger brothers, Gabe (32) and Noah (29). Like all the members of the Brown family, each brother wasn’t afraid of a challenge and knew how to solve their problems on their own. So, the three rolled up their sleeves and got to work creating a culvert for their property.

Just as so many suffered devastating losses from the 2020 wildfires, so, too, did the Alaskan Bush People face destruction on their own land. So much of their property was consumed by the flames, leaving the family with plenty of repairs to make. In order to ensure that they would have a dependable evacuation route should another fire happen, the Brown brothers prioritized the reconstruction of the road through Bam’s part of the property.

But, as expected, they ran into a few bumps (some literal) along the way.

Watch the mission in the clip below.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Eldest Bam Bam Takes Charge

They say three’s a crowd, but in this instance, three was just the number of Alaskan Bush People necessary for their culvert project. Naturally, as the oldest of the bunch, Bam took the lead on most matters, delegating tasks and creating a master plan for the men to follow. Although not everything goes according to his vision, Bam does manage to keep his goofy brothers in line and on track.

He also taught Gabe an important lesson about worksite safety and the importance of gloves. The 32-year-old Alaskan Bush People star slashed his hand on a jagged piece of a tree trunk. So, Bam quickly wrapped up his hand and made sure he put on safety gear before continuing on.

Middle Brother Gabe Is the Brawn, Youngest Noah Is the Brains

After cutting himself and nearly jumping back into the task with bare hands, it shouldn’t be surprising that Gabe isn’t the brains behind the operation. However, he does offer a powerful set of muscles that helps Bam get the equipment and material where it needs to be.

Meanwhile, youngest brother Noah tends to shine intellectually in these situations. As we know from his past work on the various Alaskan Bush People homes, Noah is very savvy with machines and knows how to best manipulate them to meet the needs of the situation. Together, the three seemed to create the perfect balance of skills and worked together easily.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a little fun, too. Between their rigorous work, Bam found time to roll a giggling Gabe down a hill in the culvert.

Classic brotherly bonding.