Watch Betty White in Her Acting Debut, ‘A Time to Kill’

by Victoria Santiago

American actress Betty White has died at the age of 99, just ahead of her 100th birthday. She brought laughter to households across the U.S. for almost eight decades. Funny, kind, beautiful, and a self-starter to boot, Betty White quickly grew to be an acting legend.

Betty White’s iconic acting career started off with a short film called A Time to Kill. It was only up from there. Her career quickly skyrocketed and she began to make frequent appearances on TV shows. Some of her earliest appearances happened on shows like Life With Elizabeth and Date With The Angels. In fact, she went on to get her first Emmy nomination from her time spent on Life With Elizabeth.

According to IMDb, the short film was about a group of sailors that had seemingly impossible dreams for the future. In the short, each of the sailors details their dreams. For example, one of them wants to make a better world for his kids, one wants to learn how to write well, and some others want to start a trucking business. One sailor’s dream was to have a career in the Navy. Of course, as the short progresses, the other men realize that the Armed Forces offer many benefits and can help them achieve their dreams.

You can watch a clip of the short below.

Betty White’s Neverending Nominations

Because Betty White spent so long in the entertainment industry spotlight, she racked up quite the list of award nominations. In total, she was nominated for an Emmy 20 times. Of that 20, she won five. She’s been nominated for a lot of other awards, too. Because she’s done so much in life, there probably isn’t an award ceremony that she hasn’t been a part of. Notable wins for her include the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite TV Icon, the Daytime Emmy’s Award winner for Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Primetime Emmy’s Award winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Without a doubt, Betty White worked hard during her time and had a lot to show for it.

White has earned many lifetime achievement awards for all of her years of screen-time, but her influence on TV and culture is immeasurable. Not only did she act, but she was one of the first female producers to produce her own show. Later on, she became a fierce advocate for animals. No matter what she was doing, she did it with a smile on her face and a joke at the ready. She had jokes and quotes for pretty much everything. Some of them were really insightful, too. By all means, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Overall, the impact Betty White has left is monumental in all senses. Across the globe, she will be missed by generations of television fans, animal rights activists, and more.