WATCH: Bill Murray Sings ‘I Feel Pretty’ in Surprise Musical Performance in NYC Park

by Chris Haney

Legendary comedian and actor Bill Murray is well-known for making random appearances wherever he goes. He’s crashed weddings and bachelor parties, jumped behind bars to serve drinks, and even joined a random kickball game one time. There are so many stories of Murray’s random encounters, a documentary based on them called The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man was created in 2018.

Well, we’ve got one more encounter to add to the ever-growing list. Earlier today, Bill Murray was spotted hilariously singing “I Feel Pretty” accompanied by musicians in a park in New York City.

Multiple people visiting Washington Square Park on Wednesday were treated to a surprise performance by a familiar face. Murray sang multiple songs in front of a small crowd, including “I Feel Pretty” and “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” In addition, the 71-year-old star recited “Dog” by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who spent time in the same park.

Bill Murray didn’t pull off the surprise performance alone. According to Page Six, cellist Jan Vogler, violinist Mira Wang, and pianist Vanessa Perez performed along with him.

According to the outlet, the former SNL star also amusingly embodied Rita Moreno when performing “America” from West Side Story. However, the quartet had to make an abrupt exit from the park. Before they darted off, Murray announced, “The cops say we have to turn off the microphones. Let’s rip this place apart!”

Bill Murray Joins ‘The View’ And Shares Thoughts About the Pandemic

Bill Murray had a busy schedule on Wednesday. Previous to his performance in the park, he made his first-ever appearance on The View this morning. Murray joined the hosts of The View virtually for his first interview in the talk show’s 25-year existence.

The ladies pressed Murray about what took him so long to stop by the show. The famous actor and comedian shared a simple yet hilarious reason for his absence – the show is on too early.

“I think you guys wake up too early,” Murray said with a yawn. “It’s too early.”

After kidding around a bit, the hosts of the show got serious and asked Murray about current events. Host Joy Behar questioned Murray about how he’s felt in recent years about the political climate and the Covid-19 pandemic. Behar referenced Murray’s classic 1993 film Groundhog Day when asking him about the topics. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, many Americans have been stuck in a vicious cycle during quarantine. Hence Behar’s reference to the popular film.

“Well, some of the time I think I’m doing very well, like all of us,” Bill Murray said to The View hosts. “And sometimes, we can quietly whisper that there’s something good about COVID.”

“I think it’s given a lot of us a chance to spend some time with ourselves and to acknowledge what we don’t do very well and what we need to work on. But sometimes it’s lonely. It’s definitely lonely,” he added.