WATCH: Billie Eilish ‘Ate S–t’ in Face-Plant on Stage During Coachella Set

by Leanne Stahulak

Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish shocked fans at Coachella when she announced that she “ate s–t” after a hard faceplant on stage during her set. Billie Eilish performed for the second weekend of Coachella, jamming out before thousands of fans at the California music festival.

But according to TMZ, partway through her set, Eilish tripped and fell over something on stage. Fans reportedly heard the fall but couldn’t see it because the stage went dark before her next performance. As she got up though, Billie Eilish told the Coachella crowd, “Ouch! You guys, I just ate ass up here!”

Per TMZ, Eilish held her hand and said “Ow” again. “You guys, I seriously ate s–t,” she added. “Seriously. It was pitch black. You see that square? This f***ing thing? I went de-de-de-de-de and fell onto my face!”

While you can’t see her fall in the video below, you can hear part of her explanation for it. And, you can see Billie Eilish welcome on stage her surprise Coachella guest, Hayley Williams. Several fans started screaming when they heard the name, recognizing the lead singer of Paramore.

Billie Eilish Welcomes Paramore Singer Hayley Williams to Coachella Stage in Surprise Duet

Fans did not expect a surprise guest during Billie Eilish’s Coachella set, but she delivered one. At one point during her performance, Eilish and her brother Finneas dueted the song “Your Power” from her newest album. After they finished the song, Eilish gestured to the stool her brother had just vacated.

“Oh, look! An empty seat. Who’s that for?” Eilish said with a smile, per Variety. “Everybody, can we please welcome my friend Hayley Williams!”

The two hugged as Williams took the stage. “This is my first Coachella, whoa,” Williams said. “Thanks for sharing this with me. This is sick!”

As they sat down, Billie Eilish asked, “Hayley, wanna sing something?” Williams replied, “Yes, I’m better at singing than talking.”

The two then rocked out to the 2007 Paramore song “Misery Business,” with Finneas backing them up on acoustic guitar. Williams killed it on the first verse before Eilish jumped in on the chorus. Williams said they “sound good” during the performance, as Eilish tackled the second verse.

After Williams left, Billie Eilish told the Coachella crowd, “Oh my f—–g god, absolutely what on earth could be cooler than that? I’m dead serious.”

Fans Freak Out Over Billie Eilish and Hayley Williams Duet

Several fans took to Twitter after Eilish and Williams’ performance to freak out over the collaboration. One fan wished they could time travel and rob someone “so I could get to Coachella week 2 and witness that Hayley Williams x Billie Eilish performance.”

Check out other fans’ tweets below.