WATCH: ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Made Costar Marisa Ramirez Try a Wahlburger

by Keeli Parkey

When you think of Donnie Wahlberg you most likely think of his work in “Blue Bloods” or one of his many performances with New Kids on the Block.

What you might not know about the 52-year-old star is that he is also a business owner. Along with his famous brother, Mark Wahlberg, and his lesser-known brother, chef Paul Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg owns the cleverly named Wahlburger restaurant chain.

Of course, the “Blue Bloods” actor is proud of his family’s business. And, he recently decided to share a meal there with his co-star Marisa Ramirez. She plays Detective Maria Baez in the beloved CBS family cop drama. Wahlberg plays detecive Danny Reagan.

Luckily for fans of Wahlberg and Ramirez, their meal from Wahlburgers was captured on video and shared online. The meal is part of a preview clip for a new episode from the fifth season of the A&E series, “Wahlburgers.”

The events that led Wahlberg and Ramirez to share a burger began with a conversation on the set of “Blue Bloods.”

“Did you have a Wahlburger before?” Wahlberg asks his costar while they are both in costume. “No. I never had one,” Ramirez responds. Wahlberg was very surprised by this response from his costar. “You never had a Wahlburger,” he then says with a tone of disappointment in his voice. “You lying! … There’s one in Coney Island. You never had a Wahlburger, ever?”

‘I’m Going to Make Sure She Finally Has a Wahlburger’ Vows ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg

Unsurprisingly, Donnie Wahlberg makes it his mission to make sure that his “Blue Bloods” costar tastes one of the burgers served up by his restaurant chain. “She’s never had a Wahlburger. D*** it! I’m going to make sure she finally has a Wahlburger,” he vows.

Also, unsurprisingly, Wahlberg comes through on that vow. In fact, he goes above and beyond in his efforts to make sure his costar has a tasty hamburger. He enlists the help of his nephew, Brandon, to bring a burger to Marisa Ramirez. They also provide food to the cast and crew of “Blue Bloods.”

“The food truck has found its way to Brooklyn to the set of ‘Blue Bloods,’” a very pleased Donnie Wahlberg shares. He also reported that his mother, Alma, helped make the visit happen.

Of course, Ramirez was very happy to see the Wahlburgers truck arrive at the set. “A whole truck! Your mom’s the coolest,” the actress happily says. “She’s the best,” Wahlberg proudly adds.

Bringing Wahlburgers to the set brought the actor a lot of joy. “Seeing all the crew’s happy faces today and seeing Marisa so happy, it makes me really grateful to my mom, and especially grateful to Brandon for coming through like only family can,” Donnie Wahlberg also says.

You can watch the “Blue Bloods” costars share a Wahlburger below.