Watch ‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Play Piano With His Daughter in Adorable Video

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If you need your daily dose of cuteness to help get you through the week, we’ve got it here with a new video of Bull star Michael Weatherly.

There’s no question where everybody knows Michael Weatherly from. He starred as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the CBS hit show NCIS. He played a main role in the series for 13 seasons, from 2003 all the way up until 2016. In addition to NCIS, you may also recognize Weatherly from the sci-fi series Dark Angel and other shows like Loving, Significant Others, and Jesse.

Nowadays, however, Michael Weatherly is starring in a new show on CBS. That show is called Bull and it airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. He plays Dr. Jason Bull in a drama that was inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw.

In his free time, not many people know that Weatherly is actually a classic film enthusiast and an avid singer, guitarist, and piano player. But we saw a little bit of that talent shine through on Tuesday as the Bull star posted a video on Twitter of him playing the piano with his daughter.

“From the beginning of time this has been a way to feel better. #heartandsoul” Weatherly wrote alongside the video.

‘Bull’ Fans Appreciate Michael Weatherly’s Musical Talents

Not many fans out there know about Michael Weatherly’s passion for playing the piano, and for music in general. But now that they got a glimpse into his personal life, they are wondering things like if he ever played the piano while playing Special Agent DiNozzo on NCIS.

“Way cool. Did you ever play the piano while on NCIS?” one fan asked.

Another fan responded to that comment saying, “Michael played piano in Season 13, Episode 17. He played and sang some of ‘Strangers in the Night’!”

Pretty cool, right? Other fans were hyping Weatherly up for being a great dad and teaching his daughter a valuable skill.

“Oh, Lovely! Olivia has your talent with piano,” a third follower replied. “So precious you are teaching her. I can remember you talked about holding her in your lap and she would bang on the keys and chew on them.”

“You can see Michael’s a wonderful dad. It shone through on Family first #NCIS when #TonyDiNozzo learns he’s a father to #Tali,” recalled a fourth user. “His scenes with the @golfieri_twins were simply wonderful. He was a complete natural with them.”

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