WATCH: Chevy Chase Spoofs ‘Christmas Vacation’ in Hilarious New Ad

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s not an official festive holiday season until we see Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.

And now, the actor is using the movie to hype a product that purports to make you lose weight and gain muscle. Sounds perfect about now, am I right Outsiders?

So, let’s briefly circle back to Christmas Vacation, the 1989 holiday movie and part of National Lampoon’s Vacation series. Chase, as always, was Clark Griswold. Beverly D’Angelo portrays Clark’s wife, Ellen. John Hughes, the preeminent creator of classic 1980s comedy, wrote and produced Christmas Vacation.

And as always, Clark is happy, but hapless as he tries to prepare for, then make it through, a festive family gathering with way too many relatives, invited and otherwise. Plus, a yuppy couple lives next door. Murphy’s Law is abused throughout the movie.

Shall we touch on Chase’s present-day commercial? The star of classics like Christmas Vacation and Caddyshack posted a minute-long clip on Instagram. He captioned it: “The gift that keeps on giving.” He also tagged his neighbor, among others.

Wow, This Looks Like Christmas Vacation, Circa 2021

As the video opens, you can get a definitive Christmas Vacation vibe. Chase is sitting on the couch, frustrated with unwrapping presents. It’s a scene repeated in living rooms throughout the country.

He throws up his hands and proclaims “nothing, nada, nada.” But before Chase could blurt “pass the Tylenol,” the Christmas tree starts to shake. He gets up to check it out. You can hear a cat meow (is it Aunt Bethany’s?). Then yikes!, Chase sees a squirrel in the tree, but it’s only a decoration.

He then finds a gift in the tree. It’s a gift card to EmSculptNeo. His wife, Jayni, gives him a hug and says “Merry Christmas, honey.”

The next scene features Chase receiving the treatment at his neighbor’s office. His neighbor is Dr. Lynne Haven. Earlier this week, she posted on Instagram a snap from what appears to be the commercial. The caption: “Getting ready for the holiday season with one of our favorite neighbors! We (heart emoji) Chevy & Jayni!”

Squirrel, Cat Are Nods to Famous Movie Scenes

Getting back to Christmas Vacation, the nod to both the squirrel and the cat are classic Easter eggs (yes, we’re deliberately mixing up the holidays) in the movie.

In Christmas Vacation, the squirrel rides into the house on the new Christmas tree. Then it scampers away. Eventually, the dog chases the squirrel through the house and it causes all sorts of mayhem.

CinemaBlend reported that the squirrel you saw in the movie actually was the backup plan. The movie’s producer had another squirrel trained for the role. However, the day the scene was set for shooting, the animal handler announced the squirrel died. The crew scrambled to find a squirrel familiar with movie sets. It wasn’t possible. So the replacement squirrel really did inspire all that chaos. It wasn’t acting on the part of the rodent.

In the Christmas Vacation scene, Clark tells the family he was going to “catch (the squirrel) with my coat and smash it with a hammer.”

If you’d like to enjoy the Christmas Vacation squirrel scene again, here’s a glimpse.