WATCH: ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Christian Stolte Performs Christmas Song Dedicated to First Responders

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago Fire star Christian Stolte brought some familiar faces to perform an original Christmas song.

Last year, the group Kid Mayhem, comprised of Stolte, Jesse Spencer, and Miranda Rae Mayo released the holiday tune. The Chicago Fire trio created the song “In Harm’s Way,” dedicated to the first responders that put their lives on the line even during the holiday season. He shared a video of the song, which featured photos of real-life firefighters.

“This is why you write a Christmas song,” he captioned the post. “You get to trot it out every year under cover of the season, which means somebody’d have to be a real jerk to accuse you of just ‘dusting off old inventory.’ Seriously, please spare a thought for the first responders out there fighting the good fight while we celebrate in the comfort of our homes.”

Stolte wrote the song alongside Mayo last year to pay tribute to their friend Steve Chikerotis. Spencer is seen playing the violin while Mayo is performing on the cello, and Stolte is strumming the guitar.

Listen to the song and watch the music video below.

‘Chicago Fire’ Memories

Chicago Fire is a family in the series and on the set.

Occhi Magazine asked Joe Minoso what his favorite experience on Chicago Fire has been. His answer will pull on your heartstrings.

“My family, I have met the greatest group of people here,” he said. “The core group of us that started the show seven years ago is still pretty much intact.”

The show has been on the air for ten seasons. During its time, the series cast and crew have remained relatively the same.

“And I believe that’s because we just thoroughly enjoy each other so much,” he explained. “Going to work every day is actually a ton of fun. The hours are long, but when you work with people you enjoy this much, it makes it all that easier.”

Minoso shared that he has a deep admiration for his character. He also relates to him in more ways than one, like unrequited love.

“I used to be a real fool for love, still am really,” he shared. “But I definitely fell in love with all the wrong women. Cruz definitely had this problem. I’m just glad to see it seems he’s grown out of that a bit, sometimes when you want love too bad, it’s easy for others to take advantage of you. He’s just smarter in relationships now and that’s good to see.”

Minoso believes that the character Joe Cruz has also been changed for the better because of his team.

“I think it’s given him a sense of importance,” he explained. “He feels like he’s a more capable and respected firefighter. He feels like he can be more of a leader. All of those things were important for Joe to learn. I think it’s important for all of us quite frankly.”