WATCH: ‘Happy Days’ Motorcycle Leaves ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Richard Rawlings Speechless

by Hannah Heser

All of those motorcycle lovers are in for some exciting news! It just so happens that Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings is the owner of the one and only Gas Monkey Garage. Recently, they both developed the motorcycle that appeared in the Happy Days sitcom.

Since then, Rawlings revealed that he bought the exact replica that Fonzie rode from an auction. The bike costed him and the Gas Monkey Garage $231,000 plus shipping. A little pricy, am I right? But the question that keeps on rising is, “Was it worth it?”

Well, Rawlings bought the motorcycle because of his father’s inspiration. But every purchase always comes with a remarkable story. Are you ready for it?

Richard Rawlings Purchases the Motorcycle From Fast N Loud

First of all, the bike is one of the most-prized possessions on the show because it appeared in many episodes. Do you remember it from Fast N Loud? If not, you can watch this YouTube video to help jog your memory!

Richard Rawlings and his business uploaded this video the day before New Years Eve. Furthermore, he disclosed how much he spent on the bike, talks about why he purchased it, and gives other facts about the bike.

In the clip, he is excited to take the bike to his father to catch his reaction. Although, he isn’t quite sure how his dad will react to it with his Alzheimers diagnosis. Any guesses for what will happen?

“I can’t wait to take this to my dad where he’s staying at the home that we have,” Rawlings said. “I don’t know if he’ll really know, but maybe he will. That could be super fricken cool!”

As far as we know, the motorcycle has a lot of history. For instance, there were three similar bikes total on the show. But two of them disappeared. Can you imagine how much emotion Rawlings is experiencing? This is truly one special moment.

Additionally, there’s always a story behind every famous object. That is, Fonzie’s one-of-a-kind motorcycle was supposed to be a Harley-Davidson bike. However, Henry Winkler was a little nervous with that, especially with his dyslexia. As a result, this famous silver 1949 Triump motorcycle turned into something everybody loved. And since the show lasted for 10 year’s, it had a lot of success.

Overall, this motorcycle means a lot to Rawlings and his dad. And hopefully the world will find a cure for Alzheimers one day. Fingers crossed!

Has Rawlings Always Loved Motorcycles?

From working on the show to owning his own business, it’s what Richard Rawlings knows best. For instance, his dad inspired his love for this bike. And he has been running a business ever since.

You can check out the Gas Monkey Garage website here.