WATCH: Nicole Richie’s Hair Catches on Fire Blowing Out Candles on 40th Birthday Cake

by Kati Kuuseoks

Celebrity birthday parties are known for being over the top, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand. You know what they say. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their… hair!? Socialite Nicole Richie experienced a rather close call with that while trying to celebrate her special day. The star turned 40 and appeared to have a smaller get-together with those closest to her. All was well until it came to the climactic cake ceremony.

Nicole Richie’s Birthday “Surprise”

Baby2Baby co-CEO and friend, Kelly Sawyer, is the one who brought the cake to the table. Nicole Richie dazzled in an elegant black dress as she sat at the table waiting. The cake displayed a photo of a younger Richie with notably longer curls. As Richie bent over to blow the candles out, chaos ensued. Candles on both her left and right sides met with her loose hair and started spreading like wildfire. Stylist Liat Baruch immediately jumped into action to try to snuff out the flames while Richie let out a scream.

It probably wasn’t the birthday surprise Nicole Richie was hoping for this year. Despite the scary accident, though, Richie appeared to take it all in stride and good humor. She shared the whole thing to over 5 million Instagram followers with the following caption: “Well… so far 40 is 🔥”

Other stars took her cue and jumped in with comments of their own.

Her hairstylist, Gregory Russell, joked: “Stop!!! Again?!?!”

Zooey Deschanel could only muster up an “omg.”

Of course, her husband needed to chime in as well. Joel Madden hilariously quoted a past Simple Life castmate of Richie, Paris Hilton: ‘That’s hot.”

Watch it all go down right here:

The Invitation List

Photographer Carlos Eric Lopez is actually to thank for hosting Nicole Richie’s 40th birthday bash. Ironically, the guest list included more than one hairstylist. They were Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche, joined also by Bragg Live Food Products consulting specialist Sophia Rossi. A few others joined the celebration, while some of Richie’s usual entourage notably appeared to be absent.

Although it didn’t look like her famous father could make the festivities, he took to Instagram to post a birthday tribute nonetheless. Lionel famously adopted Nicole at the wish of her biological parents when she was a young child. Despite the lack of a biological connection, the father-daughter duo’s bond is unmatched. He captioned their photos together sweetly with: “It’s showtime !! @nicolerichie You have been rainbows and butterflies your whole life … but you will always be my little girl, no matter how many birthdays we celebrate!!”

See for yourself: