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WATCH: Photographer Wipes Out on Oscars 2023 Red Carpet, Lady Gaga Runs to Help

by Taylor Cunningham
Lady Gaga
(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance at tonight’s Oscar Awards, and while she walked into the event, she stopped everything to help a fallen photographer.

The singer grabbed all the attention as she strolled down the red carpet this evening in a stunning, half-sheer black dress. And she drew the photographers to her side as they captured her entrance.

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But one of those photographers dashed to the photo-op a bit too quickly and took a hard fall on the pavement.

PEOPLE captured the moment on camera and posted a clip on Instagram. In it, Gaga is casually making her way past reporters as they ask questions about her decision to perform during the ceremony. Then there is a loud and abrupt crashing sound from behind her that instantly catches her attention.

Startled, Gaga looks behind her and sees that the cameraman on the ground, and she rushes to help him stand. When she reaches him, she puts her hands on his arms and asks if he’s alright. The cameraman smiles and thanks her before rushing off to capture more star-studded moments.

Lady Gaga to Perform Her Oscar-Nominated Song ‘Hold My Hand’

Lady Gaga is allegedly at the Oscars to perform her single Hold My Hand, which she sang for Top Gun: Maverick. For her work, she’s up for the Best Original Song award.

Originally, Gaga was not going to make it to the ceremony because she has been too busy filming Joker: Folie à Deux to prepare.

“We have a great relationship with Lady Gaga and her camp,” Oscars executive producer and showrunner Glenn Weiss said on March 8, per Variety. “She is in the middle of shooting a movie right now. Here, we are honoring the movie industry and what it takes to make a movie after a bunch of back and forth… It didn’t feel like she can get a performance to the caliber that we’re used to with her and that she is used to. So, she is not going to perform on the show.”

But sources leaked news today that Gaga had a last-minute change of heart. If those sources are correct, she will join the other singers who are up for the award and perform during the event.

The other nominated songs include Dianne Warren’s Applause from Tell it Like a Woman, Rihanna’s Lift Me Up from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, M.M. Keeravani’s Naatu Naatu from RRR, and Mitski’s This Is a Life from Everything Everywhere All at Once.