WATCH: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Cooks Up ‘Crowd-Pleasing Recipes’ Ahead of Christmas

by Amy Myers

Ree Drummond gave a sneak peek of her latest episode in which she gives her viewers some top-notch recipes that are perfect for passing around a big dining table. With Christmas only a week away, families are searching for meals to make that promise happy bellies without requiring too many dishes. So, naturally, one dish that the home cook master pulled out of her pocket was simplistic yet always-satisfying lasagna.

Her clip showed a sweet and hilarious interaction with her eldest daughter, Alex, who held the camera while her mother worked. Ree Drummond put the finishing touches on her pan of lasagna that was fresh out of the oven, generously sprinkling chopped parsley over the top. The home chef then cut a perfect square of the ooey-gooey dish, marveling at its cheesy goodness.

“On this morning’s brand new episode of my cooking show, I make four one-pan crowd-pleasing recipes! I also make a weird declaration about parsley and, inexplicably, talk directly to this lasagna as if it’s a person,” Drummond wrote in the caption.

And sure enough, once she plopped the slice onto a plate, she greeted her lasagna cordially.

“Oh, hi, lasagna. How’ve you been? So cute,” Drummond said as her daughter admired her work.

She continued in the caption, “But I am wearing a bright purple shirt and the Lodge is all decorated for Christmas, so maybe that makes up for it. And the recipes are yummy and great for holiday households full of humans (HHH)! See you on Food Network at 10et/9c this morning!”

Back in November, Ree Drummond shared yet another round of holiday dishes that are family-friendly. And even though these plates were technically for Turkey Day, the home chef would no doubt recommend them again for Christmas.

A particularly popular option for the occasion is another noodle and dairy variation – homemade mac and cheese.

As Drummond explained in the past clip, mac and cheese is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Kids and adults alike find it hard to pass the dish without taking a scoop for themselves. Not to mention, there are endless ways to customize and modify the side dish, depending on flavor preferences and allergies. Whether you add some bacon or substitute for gluten-free noodles, there’s no such thing as a bad mac-and-cheese recipe.

Ree Drummond also brought up another great point about noodle-based dishes. While other main course dishes like turkey, ham, or veggies require immediate serving, you can prep lasagna and mac-and-cheese ahead of time and either store or freeze them until your guests start to arrive. Fewer items on the stove mean less stress during the holidays.