Watch Robert Irwin & Sister Bindi’s Husband Have Axe-Throwing Competition

by Maggie Schneider

Robert Irwin and Chandler Powell are going head to head in an intense axe-throwing competition. Watch the new Instagram video now.

Robert Irwin is having loads of fun in his new Instagram video. Going face to face with his sister Bindi’s husband, Chandler Powell, the guys are caught having an axe-throwing competition. The 7-minute video is hilarious to watch. Both men miss their targets more than they land them!

“Welcome to Robert and Chandler’s Axe throwing competition (hang in there, we do eventually actually land a few…. Trust me hahaha 😂),” Irwin writes.

The video is a very lighthearted watch, and both men poke fun at themselves. They are also happy for each other when they finally hit the tree!

“This is how you throw an axe,” Robert Irwin says multiple times, looking into the camera. Fans are enjoying the video and sharing their favorite moments in the comments section.

“Take a shot every time Robert says ‘This is how you throw an axe'” one fan says.

“The fact i just spent 7 minutes watching this says something about me as a person… entertainment at its finest,” another writes.

Some viewers think that the short video could turn into something bigger.

“This should definitely be a series with different types of competitions! I’d watch it for sure,” one comment reads.

Would you watch more competitions between Robert Irwin and Chandler Powell? Should the whole family get in on the fun? We expect more content like this soon.

Robert Irwin Pays Tribute to Betty White

Just like Americans, Robert Irwin is mourning the loss of Betty White. Just last week, the Aussie posted a kind tribute to the actress on his feed. While he is in awe of he acting talent, he is even more inspired by her conservation efforts.

The #BettyWhiteChallenge has taken social media by storm since her passing. The trend encourages fans of Betty to donate to animal-welfare causes on her behalf.

“I Love the idea of the #BettyWhiteChallenge, helping to support animal charities and to celebrate the life of someone who spread so much positivity,” he starts. “Betty’s support for conservation through zoological facilities as well as her love for the fellow living beings we share the world with continues to inspire. She is greatly missed!”

He goes on to thank Emmy Perry for donating to his family’s organization, Wildlife Warriors. Established in 2002, the non-profit is meant to involve and educate others on how to protect wildlife. It was founded by his parents, Steve and Terri Irwin.

For more information, visit their website.