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WATCH: ‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Reunites in New Trailer for Upcoming Christmas Special

by Suzanne Halliburton
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Brady Bunch fanatics, you’ll want to check out the first video tease of the new Christmas movie, which features several members of the cast.

PEOPLE Presents: Blending Christmas is set for a Dec. 12 premiere on Lifetime. We’ve heard about the movie with its Brady Bunch twist. Now check out the video, courtesy of People:

Brady Bunch Actors Play Different Characters in Christmas Movie

The Brady Bunch has been off the air for almost a half-century. But it’s on everywhere thanks to cable networks and streaming services. The actors live on as Brady Bunch teenagers, but in this new movie, they’ll all play middle-aged characters.

The movie includes four members of the original cast, another from later in the series, and one who played in some of the reunion movies. Here are the five Brady Bunch cast members — Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), Michael Lookinland (Bobby), Susan Olsen (Cindy), and Robby Rist (cousin Oliver). The two missing cast members are Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan). Jennifer Elise Cox, who played Jan in two 1990s-era Brady Bunch reunion movies, also appears in Blending Christmas.

The Brady Bunch actors aren’t the stars. Rather, the two main actors are Haylie Duff, who plays Emma, and Aaron O’Connell, who portrays her boyfriend, Liam. There are other classic TV stars in the cast. Beth Broderick was one of the aunts of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Greg Evigan starred in B.J. and the Bear. And Telma Hopkins starred in Bosom Buddies, Family Matters, and Gimme a Break.

Check out the cast photo posted by Barry Williams (Greg on The Brady Bunch):

Holiday Movies Are Big Business, Especially for Lifetime, Hallmark

So what’s the movie about? If you’ve seen any recent holiday movie, you’ll know the formula. Emma finds out the hotel where her family traditionally spent the Christmas holidays is being redeveloped. Her boyfriend wants to propose to Emma at the hotel. So he invites all the family members, from both sides, to be there to celebrate Christmas and the engagement. There will be twists. We’re betting that the movie will have a warm, romantic ending.

Christmas movies are big business. And Lifetime doesn’t want Hallmark to corner the market. Blending Christmas, with its Brady Bunch and other sitcom stars, surely will attract some viewers.

Hallmark movies still draw far bigger audiences. The network had two movies in holiday season, 2020, that neared an audience of 4 million. The top movie was Christmas Waltz, which drew an audience of 3.949 million. If Only I Had Christmas ranked second with 3.927 million. Lifetime’s top movie was Christmas on the Menu, which drew 1.265 million.

And if you’ve flipped on your TV, you know that Christmas movie season started before Halloween. According to Entertainment Weekly, there are 146 new holiday movies for 2021. And more than half of those movies are from Hallmark (41) and Lifetime (36).