Watch ‘The Voice’ Contestant Jershika Maple Crush Adele Cover

by Maggie Schneider

Jershika Maple’s performs “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele during “The Voice” Season 21 finale. Needless to say, she crushes it.

“The Voice” contestant Jershika Maple has come a long way. As the only member of Team Legend in the running for the prize, Maple is making her voice heard. On last night’s episode, she performed “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

As a singer myself, I know how hard this song is to sing. Technically, it takes a great deal of breath control. There are high notes throughout the entire song, all of which are supposed to be belted with confidence. This is a bold song choice, and Jershika Maple does it justice. She adds her own mark on the hit by adding her own grit and vocal runs into the mix. By the end of the song, Maple receives a standing ovation by both the crowd and the judges.

“The Voice” coach John Legend is proud of Jershika Maple’s performance. In a sparkly pale pink suit, the star calls her performance of “Rolling in the Deep” both “powerful” and “soulful.”

“Time to vote, America! @Jershikajmaple has proven her strength, power and ability time and time again! Let’s get this done and vote Jershika for the winner of @NBCTheVoice!” he tweets.

Fan Reactions

Maple’s performance has already received over 86,000 views on YouTube. The comments are overwhelmingly positive, with some fans claiming the Adele cover is Maple’s best appearance on “The Voice” stage.

“this woman just gives her ALL in every single performance! Truly one of the greatest! Her, Wendy and GNT owned the night,” one fan writes.

“I love how versatile Jershika is, she can sing so many genres of music. She did a great job on this song! Great stage performance loved it!” another says.

One fan claims that Season 21 of “The Voice” is the show’s best yet.

“This season has a different level of talent than any other season. Not just individually, but collectively. The artists have more of an X Factor coming into the show this season. It’s closer to an American Idol level talent from the very beginning. The battles were slaughters, and the majority of the cast were AMAZING all season.”

‘The Voice’ Two-Part Finale Ends Tonight

It is sad to say that tonight is the final episode of this season’s “The Voice.” As of right now, there is no news as to whether or not the show will be cancelled or renewed for another season. While fans are certain the show’s popularity will keep its spot safe, there are talks that NBC will begin to air one season of “The Voice” annually, rather than its usual Fall and Spring seasons. I hope this is not the case, but we will keep you Outsiders updated.