WATCH: ‘The Voice’ Contestants Sing a Rendition of ‘Girl’ Even Maren Morris Would Be Proud of

by Madison Miller

Two new contestants on Team Blake over on “The Voice” sang to the live audience and millions at home sharing that, “Everything’s gonna be okay / Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low.”

These are lyrics from the popular Maren Morris song “Girl.” It is also the name of her second major-label studio album that was released in 2019. The original is one of Maren Morris’ most popular works. Now, fans of both Morris and “The Voice” can have an all-new version to jam out to.

“The Voice” recently wrapped up the Blind Auditions part of the singing competition. Now, season 21 of “The Voice” is starting the Live Battle Rounds.

Hailey Green and Lana Scott Performance

During the first night, Team Blake’s Hailey Green and Lana Scott went head to head with the “Girl” cover. The hope was to win over Blake Shelton and to get chosen to advance to the Knockout Rounds.

You may remember Lana Scott from her performance of Kelsea Ballerini’s “hole in the bottle” song. Hailey Green is making her second appearance on “The Voice” stage after not advancing last year. She performed Marc Broussard’s “Home” during the Blind Auditions.

Ironically, the song is a female-centric song about the importance of women supporting women. Regardless, Green and Scott performed a killer rendition of the song to start the Knockout Rounds on the show. Scott is a cruise ship singer, meaning she keeps those vocal pipes in constant use prior to her spot on “The Voice.” Meanwhile, Green is a 15-year-old working to master her love for music and to show off her impressive rasp and growl.

Blake Shelton was left stumped after the performance. He took to Twitter to write, “Damn proud of that performance.” He had a lot of praise for both of the women. He said to Hailey Green, “Hailey, I don’t know how she sings like that! You can’t hold back the cheetah. You can’t hold her back. And believe it or not, that was actually Hailey dialing back.

Then he also addressed Scott by saying, “And, then, Lana, you have this opposite voice from Hailey. You have a very sweet tone that’s very country. It’s two different points of view, so thank you both for your hard work.”

Steals and Saves on ‘The Voice’

At the end of it all, Blake Shelton decided that he couldn’t part with either of these artists. He chose Green as the winner of the battle. However, quickly after that, he pressed his red button and granted Scott a save. Given that performance of “Girl,” both performers certainly earned another chance in the competition.

The Battle Rounds will continue until each performer is put up against another talented musician. Except for saves and steals, only one person is saved each time.

Green and Scott aren’t the only Battle Round performers to stand out so far. Team Kelly performers Jeremy Rosado and Jershika Maple had a stellar rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Hold On.” It had all of the coaches out of their seats. She chose Jeremy, but both John Legend and Ariana Grande pressed their steal buttons. She chose Legend as her coach.

“The Voice” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.