WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Beats the Buzzer to Win Bonus Round Puzzle

by Chris Haney

Things came down to the wire tonight on Wheel of Fortune, but contestant Jennifer pulled through in the clutch. On Monday night, the Wheel of Fortune contestant beat the clock in the Bonus Round to win herself a brand new car.

As always, Jennifer started out with the letters RSTLNE, and got to choose three extra consonants and an additional vowel. She faced a two-word clue with only four letters revealed so far in the “Show Biz” category. Jennifer picked the letters G, F, P, and O as hostess Vanna White turned over four more blank squares. The contestant still had seven blanks left on the board as she attempted to solve the final puzzle.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak wished Jennifer good luck and began the 10-second countdown for her to answer. It looked like the second word in the clue was pretty straightforward since Jennifer only had one letter missing in it. She knew it was “Opening,” but had to get the first word correct to win. Jennifer said “Promotional Opening” aloud, but that was incorrect.

She then sounded out the first word with a “B” to begin the clue and quickly got on the right track. Jennifer called out “Broadway Opening” as Sajak confirmed, “Yea, that’s it!”

“That’s what I call talking it out,” Sajak said. “Hey, you want a Mini Cooper?”

Jennifer couldn’t contain her excitement as she beat the clock to win Wheel of Fortune‘s Bonus Round. Once she realized she had just won a brand new car as well, the contestant screamed with joy. Plus she racked up a whopping $64, 693 in total winnings tonight. Well played, Jennifer.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Giving Away Cars Left and Right Recently

Jennifer isn’t the only competitor to win a new car recently on the game show. On Thursday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, another contestant came away from the Bonus Round with a new ride as well. However, she didn’t seem too confident in her chances at the time because of the category.

“No, none of the ones I wanted were there,” contestant Alana said to Pat Sajak.

“Oh, I see,” the Wheel of Fortune host responded. “If you had your choice, what would you have picked?”

“Either ‘What Are You Doing?’ or ‘Phrase,’” Alana answered.

“Well, too bad,” Sajak hilariously joked as everyone shared a laugh.

Alana chose P, C, D, and A as her three consonants and one vowel, which left her with only five blanks on the board. As soon as the clock started, she shouted out “Playful Giant Pandas!” Alana knew she had won the Bonus Round as she immediately began to jump up and down.

She had good reason to be excited too. When Sajak turned over her prize, Alana had just earned herself a brand new BMW X1. That’s two new cars given away in the last three episodes.