WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Races to Answer Puzzle for Big Bucks

by Jonathan Howard

When fans tune in to watch Wheel of Fortune they expect to see puzzles and big prizes won. Last-second suspense is the best part of the show. One contestant, John, got his final puzzle answer in just in time.

As Pat Sajak performed his host duties, he informed the contestant that he had the letters R S T L N E already available. Then he could choose three more consonants and another vowel. So, John did just that. The puzzle was two words, 14-letters total. Those first six letters gave him the T-E in the top word and an R and T in the second word.

He decided to take G, D, C, and A as his letters. The Wheel of Fortune board lit up with more letters taking the place of the blank spaces. The C in the first word along with a couple of A’s and a C in the second word. Then, John started to solve the “living thing” puzzle.

He had 10 seconds to solve the puzzle and used most of his time. He had the first word, “Cute.” However, the second word was long and didn’t look as obvious. The contestant started out with “Cute packrabbit,” and before you know it, he is solving. John yelled out, “Cute Jackrabbit,” and the board lit up with the correct answer. In disbelief, the contestant covered his face with his hands.

Sajak let John know just how much money he won. He opened the card and revealed to Jon that he was taking home $39,000 from the bonus puzzle alone. Those moments on Wheel of Fortune make it worth watching. Just when you think they aren’t going to get that prize, the contestant rallies to find the answer.

Pat Sajak Compliments Vanna White on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

After so many years together on Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have built quite the relationship. They are good friends and it shows when they interact on the show. Recently, Sajak laid the compliments on his cohost. He called her a “princess.”

There are few in the business that has the tenure that White and Sajak have. With all of her gowns and dresses over the years, it makes sense. In the history of game show hosts, they both rank very high up on the list. “I come out here with a princess every night,” the host said. “What an exciting life I have, Go to your throne. I’ll see you later.”

On Wheel of Fortune, it doesn’t seem like there will be anyone different any time soon hosting the show. Both hosts are signed to be on the show through 2024. They could easily run the show another 10 years if they wanted to.